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If you found this blog, I probably know you personally. Basically I'm using this for movie reviews, MMA previews, and the occasional wackiness from out of left field. Shout out to the horror short Welcome to the Party for the hella boss avatar. I'm not very good at selling this, am I? Anyway just check it out. You'll be filled with laughter. From my actual writing or realizing "Wow this guy needs an editor".

Every V/H/S Segment, Ranked

Like most film genres, when it comes to horror what’s big now won’t necessarily be what’s big in the future. One year it’ll be the latest splatter film from Eli Roth and the next it’ll be the ghostly frights of … Continue reading

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Why The Marvel Netflix Shows Shouldn’t Be A Part of the MCU

2017 has seen a major shift for Marvel Comics. When it comes to comics after the controversial Secret Empire the popular company looks to begin anew with Marvel Legacy. On the big screen James Gunn and crew are returning for … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Pop Music’s Exploitation of Hip Hop

With a new album on the way Taylor Swift made a splash when last week she dropped her new track “Look What You Made Me Do” as well as an accompanying #music video. It was treated like the kind of … Continue reading

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Washed: Or How I Learned To Accept Aging Thanks To Hip Hop

In the world of entertainment there is nothing more important than connecting with the youth. As corny as that sounds it’s the young and young-at-heart that push entertainment forward. It’s why Hollywood will take a chance on an unproven YA … Continue reading

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‘Savage Dog’ and Five Direct-To-Video Action Movies You Need to See

We are just over half of the way through the year and it has already been a banner year for action movie fans. More than just Marvel movies audience have seen Xander Cage return to action, adventurers uncover the king-sized … Continue reading

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8 More Badass Women To Watch After ‘Atomic Blonde’

When it comes to #action movies 2017 has been the year of the woman in the best way possible. We have not only seen returning heroines like #Underworld’s Selene but all new characters such as Justine (Brie Larson) in Free … Continue reading

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‘Killing Ground’ and 5 Of The Best Australian Horror Movies of the 21st Century

One of the most fascinating things horror is how various parts of the world interpret the genre. Whether it is the predominantly outdoorsy horror in America to the supernatural tales from Japan each nation seems to have their own take … Continue reading

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