Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Pop Music’s Exploitation of Hip Hop

With a new album on the way Taylor Swift made a splash when last week she dropped her new track “Look What You Made Me Do” as well as an accompanying #music video. It was treated like the kind of event you would expect from one of the biggest stars in pop music. And even though reception for the song itself has been mixed it has already broken Spotify records and the focus has mainly been on the song’s content. While no other artist is named it has been interpreted as a diss track towards Katy Perry and, more importantly, #KanyeWest. Now the history between the two pop stars hardly needs to be rehashed. With a feud dating back to the incident at 2009 MTV VMA’s the two have thrown subtle, and not so subtle, jabs at each other for years. Things between the two finally seemed to cool off after a phone call between Taylor and Kanye agreeing to the lyrics to the song “Famous” were made public. Yet here we are, once again, talking about the two. Ignoring that things seemed done going at Kanye after he had to cancel the Saint Pablo tour due to time in a mental health facility just feels gross. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised. As exploitative as it may feel it’s nothing new. As soon as she stopped doing country music and drifted towards pop she has used hip hop for per own gain.

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