7 Hip Hop We Need After ‘All Eyez On Me’

It is 2017 hip hop is bigger than it has ever been. No longer relegated to the Bronx in just 40 years rap has become the biggest force in music today. More recently we have seen this once underground movement make the jump to the silver screen. While the first rap film was 1982’s Wild Style movies like Friday, 8 Mile and Hustle & Flow have proven to be hits with critics and fans alike. Most recently we have seen a wave of hip hop biographies getting green lit thanks to the success of Straight Outta Compton. The latest of which being a biography about the legendary Tupac Shakur in All Eyez On Me.

Born to members of the Black Panthers Shakur would get his start with hip hop group Digital Underground. Going solo shortly thereafter he would become one of the most celebrated rappers in hip hop history thanks to his vivid imagery and his ability to fuse social commentary with west coast party anthems. The first victim of the West Coast-East Coast feud #Tupac was a gifted lyricist that reached peaks then unheard of for a rapper. Needless to say when it came to rappers to get the big screen treatment he was near the top. In fact, hip hop is full of colorful characters like Pac that have lived an interesting life too unreal to believe. So in honor of All Eyez On Me, here are 7 rappers that deserve a movie of their own and the perfect scene.

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