8 Badass Women To Watch After ‘Wonder Woman’

After bringing in an impressive $11 million at Thursday preview screenings and a lot of positive buzz (93% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing) DC’s Wonder Woman roared into the box office and became one of the biggest hits of the summer. In fact, it is the highest grossing film from a female director making over $200 million worldwide and it is easy to see why. #WonderWoman has won over audiences with some of the best #action in a #DC film so far, an inspiring hero and the kind of earnest storytelling we don’t see in superhero movies nowadays.

While we tend to think of the female action hero as a rarity they actually have a long history in film. The roots of which can be dated back to the 1933 detective film serial The Perils of Pauline. Since these humble beginnings we have seen women be just as good as men on the big screen. Whether it’s in horror, science fiction or action women have been kicking ass all around the world. So, after you’re done watching Diana of Themyscira tear up the big screen here are 8 badass women for you to check out afterwards.

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