5 Superheroines Who Need A Movie After ‘Wonder Woman’ (And Who Should Play Them)

Reviews for Wonder Woman are now coming out and things are looking good. Currently at 96% on Rottentomatoes it is one of the highest rated films of the year. And as silly as it is to say these reviews have me relieved. With this being the latest in the #DCEU and the first female superhero movie a lot was riding on #WonderWoman. If it is a big hit at the box office it would not only be the first critically acclaimed movie for the DCEU but would open the door for more female-led superhero fare in the future.

Perhaps predicting the film’s success Warner Brothers had already announced a #Batgirl movie back in March. They have even taken a book from the Marvel Cinematic Universe by nabbing fan favorite Joss Whedon to write, direct and produce the film. With shows like Buffy and Dollhouse under his belt Whedon working on a film for the Darknight Damsel seems like a perfect fit. Between this and the Margot Robbie produced Gotham Sirens film DC seems to be heavily investing in their female roster of heroes. It’s certainly a solid strategy. With Marvel just now giving the green light for Captain Marvel DC has not only taken the lead when it comes to female representation but set the gold standard if critics are to be believed. With Wonder Woman eyeing a $65 million opening pursuing female superheroes seems like a winning strategy. If DC Films decides to go with this here are five superheroines that would be perfect for the big screen.

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