Top 5 Directors For Halloween

This past week Blumhouse Productions held a secret meeting with horror journalists for a special announcement. Taking the stage owner Jason Blum announced that the hit production studio would be teaming up with Miramax and producer Malek Assad to make the next Halloween movie. Even more exciting, creator John Carpenter has joined the project as the producer and possibly score the film. As of now the release date looks to be October 2017. For fans of the long-running franchise this is great news. While the quality of Halloween films has been a bit of a roller coaster (I’ll vouch for Halloween H2O) Michael Myers and the franchise as a whole is still quite popular. Taking a back-to-basics approach having such an all-star team working on it is great news. The only question now is who will actually direct it?

Rumor has it that Mike Flanagan seems to be the most likely person to direct. Which, in all honesty, I am completely fine with. Breaking out with 2013’s Oculus he has proven himself as not only a good director but a versatile one with 2016’s Hush. He also has the Blumhouse Productions connection with Oculus, Hush and the upcoming Ouija 2 all being done with the company. Still in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder if he’s the best choice. Not that he’s a bad choice but there is ton of great horror talent out there that definitely deserve the chance. Which is why I present my Top 5 Directors for Halloween.

Marcus Dunstan
Who better to start with than the last person linked to Halloween, Marcus Dunstan. While best known as a writer for the Feast series and later Saw sequels I know him most for being the writer and director of The Collector series. While it came out in the tail end of the torture porn surge I actually thought they made for decent slasher movies.

Brought on in 2015 to write and direct Halloween Returns before it was dropped. It would focus on a new group of teens going up against Michael Myers. One of them being the daughter of one of Michael’s past victims. All things considered a pretty basic premise that could still work. I can easily seeing it being the perfect way to recharging the series while still embracing it’s past.

David Robert Mitchell
On the surface David Robert Mitchell may seem like an odd choice. While It Follows was a massive hit a minimalist chiller about teens effected by a curse sounds like the opposite of a slasher movie. But really isn’t that the perfect description of the first Halloween? Minimalist in its own right it’s scares were mined more from suspense and dread than blood and gore. Mitchell has not only proven that he can do that but he excels at it. According to IMDB this versatile director already has plans for a crime noir film up next. But if he ever wants to step back into the horror genre Halloween may be the perfect fit for him.

Adam Wingard
Director Adam Wingard seems to be the hot horror director of the past couple of years and it’s easy to see why. Starting on the indie scene with films like PopSkull and A Horrible Way to Die he gained mainstream recognition with 2011’s You’re Next. Since then he’s shown skills in many subgenres including the horror comedy (Q is for Quack), ghost films (V/H/S 2) and even action (The Guest). He’s one of the most talented directors out there and I would love to see what he would do with the franchise. Sure he is busy with a Death Note adaption but if he’s willing to do it would be foolish not to snatch him up for the movie.

Ali Presley Paras
I know this is a long shot but hear me out. Looking at his IMDB page this seems unlikely. Most of his credits are camera work on Top Chef and The League. But clicking on the director tab reveals a short titled Quad. It appears in the Fun Size Horror compilation and it is one of my favorite shorts of the past few years. A take on the slasher genre it is clever, inventive, and beautifully filmed. Now could Paras do it again and deliver a great Halloween? I have no clue. But if he could be as creative as this I’d at least hear them out.

Fede Alvarez
The director of 2013’s Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez did the impossible, he delivered a satisfying horror remake. With only a budget of 11 million he delivered a brutality and level of gore rarely seen in theaters nowadays. Then, silence. While there were rumors of a sequel to Evil Dead rumbling (that eventually became Ash vs Evil Dead) not much has been heard from Alvarez. That is until this year with the release of his new film Don’t Breathe. With rave reviews for it already I would love to see Blumhouse capitalize on this moment and have Fede Alvarez on the film. He’s clearly a talented director and is popular with critics. This talented director is worthy of working on a long running series and if not Evil Dead then maybe Halloween could be it.

Rob Zombie
lol jk. Seriously never Rob Zombie. For anything. Ever.


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