On Patrol- May 22, 2016

Insidious 4 Gets Release Date, New Director
The Insidious series is one of those rare horror franchises that managed to get back on track. A massive hit when it came out in 2010 last year’s Insidious: Chapter 3 was a surprisingly fun chiller after Chapter 2 dropped the ball. So it’s no surprise to see the Blumhouse machine try to keep this running with Insidious: Chapter 4 coming out October 20, 2017. While little is known about the plot we do know the crew and it seems pretty packed. Writing the film will be creator and long-time writer Leigh Whannell. In the director’s chair will be Adam Robitel. An indie director he is best known for writing and directing The Taking of Deborah Logan which is a great Netflix watch. As long as their is more of Lin Shae punching ghosts I am there.

Source- Jo Blo

Harley Quinn To Get Her Own Movie
One of the biggest highlights and most well-received parts of the Suicide Squad trailers has been Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Naturally Warner Brothers would take this moment and develop it into a Harley Quinn movie. Now to be fair it isn’t some massive corporate decision. According to actress Robbie it was her who approached the producers with the idea for the movie. She even brought in her own, still-unannounced, writer to work on the film. At this point all we really know about the plot is that it will focus less on just Harley but be more of a female focused team movie. Certainly an interesting way to go considering comic movies from both major companies have been called out for a lack of diversity. With rumors of it including Batgirl or the Birds of Prey it will be interesting to say see which superheroines will make the final cut.

Source- What Culture

Geoff Johns Takes Over DCEU
Speaking of the DC Comics movies there was a big shake up in what is apparently called the DCEU. After the terrible reviews for Batman v Superman DC Comics has established DC Films and put comic writer Geoff Johns in charge. Essentially he will be replacing Zack Snyder as the person overseeing all of the DC movies. Geoff Johns held a press conference and certainly said the right things when he promised on bringing “hope and optimism” to the cinematic universe. I guess we’ll have to see if he sticks to that.

Source- Screen Rant

Tetris Movie In The Works
I wanted to make some big jokey thing about all of this. Some kind of “Well looks like they’ll remake anything, amirite” declaration. I can’t do it though. This is just too ludicrous for explanation. All you need to know is that there are plans for a movie based on Tetris. It will have an $80 million budget and there are hopes of it becoming a trilogy. You can’t make this stuff up.

Source- CNBC

Resident Evil 7 Expected at E3
It looks like Resident Evil 7 will be making an appearance at this year’s E3. According to Japanese consulting analysist Serkan Toto the game has not only been in development for awhile but the plan is to have it be a “clean slate” with it being much more of a survival horror game. While I enjoyed Resident Evil 6 (seemingly the only one) I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish it felt less actiony and had more horror. Right now they have Jordan Amaro (Metal Gear Solid V, P.T.) developing the game.

I’m much more intrigued by it being a clean slate. What does that entail exactly? Do they just mean it’ll be a standard survival horror game? Will they erase the crazy convoluted backstory and start over? As a fan I’m crazy curious. I just hope Mercenaries mode is still there as a fun time killer.

Source- Bloody Disgusting

Everybody Chill About Ghostbusters
So earlier this week internet personality James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) made a video discussing why he won’t be watching the Ghostbusters remake and people lost their mind. Both supporters and detractors get mad pissy, myself included. With the benefit of hindsight and not really feeling the whole Twitter war thing all I can say is everyone needs to chill.

You don’t want to see it because you think it looks bad? Okay. Going to Twitter to bitch about it all day really isn’t helping your cause. Instead it just makes you look immature. Are you on the whole “it’s all feminazis” conspiracy jam? You’re wrong but whatever. The world doesn’t care if you think female Ghostbusters is a sign of the liberal agenda. Think someone doesn’t want to see it is sexist? Cool. Again going on Twitter is not the best way to handle these feelings. There are a lot deeper issues concerning sexism in America and Ghostbusters really shouldn’t be the centerpiece of it.

You think it ruins your childhood? The old movies are still there, enjoy them and don’t pay for the new one. This is all totally fine. Just everybody chill out because I really doubt the movie, good or bad, is worth this much vitriol. Once it comes out we can all decide whether it’s good or not by seeing it or ignoring it. Until then, relax and enjoy that Ecto Cooler is back.

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