On Patrol- May 15, 2016

Next Wolverine Movie to be R-Rated

While it’s been brewing for awhile now but producer Simon Kinberg confirmed pretty much all of the rumors surrounding Wolverine 3 and it being based on the Old Man Logan story.

It takes place in the future, and as you and others have reported, it is an R-rated movie. It’s violent, it’s kind of like a western in its tone. It’s just a very cool, different film.

The Old Man Logan story was violent, took place in the future and was very reminscent of the western genre. So yeah, Old Man Logan without actually saying it. Which is perfect if this really is the last Wolverine solo movie for awhile. It’s a cool comic and probably one of my favorite Wolverine solo stories. I’m just wondering how the R-rating will effect the story. Not that it doesn’t work I just can’t help but think it is only being used because Deadpool was massive and they don’t actually understand why. I just might be too cynical though. Either way no matter what the reason is it is a great story to put on film and if it is Hugh Jackman’s last film it will be a proper send off for the character.

Source- io9

Booster Gold Movie in the Works

Of all the DC characters one of my favorites is Booster Gold. Coming back in time he steals futuristic tech to go become a hero in the past. A genius idea before Dan Jurgan’s pre-52 run where Booster is a crucial part of history fixing the fractured timeline. It’s an interesting idea which has legs as either a movie or a TV show. This past week Zack Stentz (screenplays for X-Men: First Class and Thor) revealed on a Kevin Smith podcast that he was writing a script for Booster Gold. There isn’t much more to say beyond that at this point but honestly, just psyched to see that DC Movies will be more than the grim and gritty stuff we’ve gotten the past few years.

Source- Hollywood Reporter

Godzilla, Mototsugu Katagiri
Godzilla Sequels Get Release Dates, Loses Director

There are a lot of developments in the US Godzilla news. Early on it was announced that not only would Godzilla 2 be delayed into 2018 to March 22, 2019. After that the plans for a new Godzilla vs King Kong movie will be May 29, 2020. It seems like a case of putting the cart before the horse but I’m always down for a giant fighting monster movie. Then just this past Friday it was announced that director Gareth Evans will no longer be directing Godzilla 2. An interesting development considering how perfect he seemed for the role and him directing the highly anticipated Star Wars: Rogue One. It’s way too early to say there’s anything controversial about this but I wouldn’t be surprised if studio meddling convinced him to quit the project.

Source- Comic Book Resources

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