3 Ideas For The Next Friday the 13th Movie


The last time we met up with Jason Voorhees was 2009’s reboot of the series from Platinum Dunes. Despite some decent critical acclaim (well for a Friday the 13 movie anyway) and being successful financially it has laid dormant since. Over the past few years there have been a plethora of rumors with none really panning out. The last I heard was that Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) was writing it and it would be taking place in the 80’s. Maybe I’m just a cynic but with that being all the information out there I’m not exactly counting on that 2017 release date. Even more disappointing is how generic this all sounds. While I’m sure it can be pulled off well doing the whole retro take on it feels so obvious. Jason is an interesting, enigmatic character that can work in any situation so why not branch out? That’s why for Friday the 13th I’m putting up The Top 3 Friday the 13th Movie Ideas. Now I can’t claim these are great or even fully developed. Just a few ideas that I think would be more interesting than a summer camp in the 80’s.

Jason Takes Manhattan 2: On The Move
If I had to pick one real missed opportunity in the Friday the 13th franchise it would be Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Despite it’s great name and even better poster Jason isn’t in New York until the last quarter (or less) of the film. For the most part it is Jason killing people on a cruise ship. That’s why my last suggestion is Jason visiting New York one more time. New York is such a unique place with tons of iconic locations. Why not let Jason tear it up properly? Have him toss someone off the Statue of Liberty or impaling a body on the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (let’s pretend that’s plausible). In fact new locations in general could totally work. Have Jason kill a doppelganger outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Or Jason using the gears in Big Ben to crush some poor schmuck’s body. Heck even Disneyland (or a place that’s Disneyland but totally not for legal reasons) has opportunities with all the mechanics and steel fences around the park.

Admittedly I really don’t have a plot worked out but who goes to a Friday the 13th movie for plot? I would just like to see Jason Voorhees stretch his legs and go out some.

money never sleeps
Jason X: Money Never Sleeps
At the time of release it was considered a bit of a joke and rightfully so. After Jason goes to space where else do you go? When it came out, it was alright. While it got the typical critical lambasting the mix of sci-fi technology, self-aware script and the occasional cool kill made it one of the more fun editions to the series. Jason is last seen burning up in the atmosphere and mistaken as a falling star by a couple of teenagers on Earth 2. Mecha-Jason’s mask is seen falling into a lake implying his death but we all know better than that.

By introducing Earth 2 this leaves the doors wide open for experimentation. All we really know is that there are humans and a lake. You can go absolutely insane. Want to finally pull off that zero gravity fight planned for Jason X? Easy. Want Jason to fight dinosaurs with laser beam eyes? Why not? With an infinite amount of possibilities and major advancements in CG technology since 2002’s Jason X you can do pretty much anything in this plot.

Friday the 13th: The Expendables Edition
Jason Voorhees is one of the most prolific movie slashers with 140+ kills over 11 movies. He is the personification for the slasher genre and for good reason. The thing over the years he has also racked up quite the list of survivors. Not including people in the remake or Jason X there are still 13 people to survive the wrath of Jason Voorhees (and Freddy Krueger for 2 of them). It’s a pretty varied list including family members, potential new killers and even a psychic. Now we’ve seen Jason go after final girls before (specifically the OG Alice in Part 2) so why not do that again? You could have Jason kill some of the survivors before they are forced to team up and kill Jason one last time. Sure it’s a bit basic but it could be a pretty fun way to not only be a tribute to the past movies but also give it a proper ending (no matter how temporary).

Apparently I’m not the only person to have this idea either. According to Friday The 13th Franchise (dot) com there were talks of doing something similar. There was even talks of Tommy Jarvis appearing in the 2009 version before that idea was scrapped. I could say great minds think alike or whatever but honestly, I just like the idea of Jason going up against a psychic again. Especially now that the MPAA is more lax when it comes to movie violence.


Friday the 13th: Arctic Armor Edition
Now full disclosure this isn’t actually my idea. I heard it on The Movie Crypt podcast and I had to mention it. A Friday the 13th movie in the winter. When you think about it all of the Friday the 13th movies have taken place during the summer. But imagine Camp Crystal Lake covered in snow. A teen (who probably smoked pot or whatever) trying to escape Jason Voorhees as an iced over Crystal Lake cracks underneath them. Or the blood splattering on the snow as Jason stabs a teen for snowboarding like a douche. I have no clue what the story would be nor do I really care. The visuals alone make this a great idea.

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  1. Hi Everyone!!
    Thought this might be a good place to post a link to a fan film I’ve been putting together .. “Freddy VS Jason Condemned” .. The link is for the trailer however the full movie will be out by the weekend!

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