On Patrol- May 8, 2016

Dredd Sequel Finally Happening?

Since it’s 2012 release Dredd has grown quite the ravenous cult following. Every year there seems to be at least a few clickbait articles and think pieces asking the movie gods for more of the cult classic. It looks like 2016 may be the year we finally get that wish. At the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo actor Karl Urban said that conversations with Netflix and/or Amazon “are happening.” Now I realize this is purely grasping at straws but I’m grabbing as tightly as I can. A Marvel-esque Netflix show in the world of Dredd would be pretty kickass. And with Netflix’s seeming to get behind franchises with cult followings (Mr. Show, Wet Hot American Summer, Full House) it’s easy to see it happening. At least there’s a shot.

Source- Complex


Agent Carter Season 3 Looking Unlikely

Unfortuantely that can’t be said of all shows. According to Variety the chances of Agent Carter getting a third season are quite slim. Which is a shame because it’s probably the best show Marvel has on TV at the moment. It’s bright, retro look and more lighthearted storylines help it stand out from the darker fare we get on Netflix and Agents of SHIELD. Not to mention it’s bonus points for showing diversity we just don’t get in the MCU. With it’s declining ratings it seemed inevitable but damn is it a show I’m going to miss. Curse Hayley Atwell being so good in that other show! I can only hope that Marvel can keep it going with a Netflix series or on another channel. Otherwise, farewell Peg. You’ve been a great gal and other old timey terms.

Source- Movie Pilot


Irredeemable Movie In The Works

I have to be honest at this point I’m barely in the comic book scene at this point. Despite a love for the characters and the universes they are in I’ve grown out of the scene. At this point I keep up mostly through the movies, crossover events and occasionally read a series if I hear it’s good. The last story I remember really loving was Mark Waid’s Irredeemable. A take on the “Superman goes evil” storyline it goes all out without feeling gratuitous about it. It’s a great read and I’m stoked to hear it’s getting a film adaption.

What’s intersting, at least to me, is the team behind the film. Writing the film with be Tommy Wirkola who is best known for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and the Dead Snow series. Directing will be Adam McKay who did rewrites on Ant-Man and a little movie called Anchorman. Now I enjoy their stuff for the most part and think they can put together a decent blend of comedy and genre film. But a fairly serious story like Irredeemable? It’ll be interesting to say the least.

Source- What Culture


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