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X-Men: Apocalypse Review

The third in the current trilogy of films X-Men: Apocalypse has had a pretty rough go of it from the start. During pre-screenings earlier this month critics were particularly harsh of the mutants’ latest adventure. With a 48% on Rotten … Continue reading

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Wrestling Is Reel- The 12 Rounds Series

The Condemned was the first bomb for WWE Films and rightfully so, it sucked. Going back to the drawing board they chose to do what was most successful for them and went with a more straight up action movie starring … Continue reading

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Top 5 Directors For Halloween

This past week Blumhouse Productions held a secret meeting with horror journalists for a special announcement. Taking the stage owner Jason Blum announced that the hit production studio would be teaming up with Miramax and producer Malek Assad to make … Continue reading

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On Patrol- May 22, 2016

Insidious 4 Gets Release Date, New Director The Insidious series is one of those rare horror franchises that managed to get back on track. A massive hit when it came out in 2010 last year’s Insidious: Chapter 3 was a … Continue reading

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Wrestling is Reel- Future Endeavored Edition

Turnover at work is a fact of life and nowhere is it more pronounced than the WWE. Every year there are at least several releases a year and it can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the wrestler retires … Continue reading

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On Patrol- May 15, 2016

Next Wolverine Movie to be R-Rated While it’s been brewing for awhile now but producer Simon Kinberg confirmed pretty much all of the rumors surrounding Wolverine 3 and it being based on the Old Man Logan story. It takes place … Continue reading

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3 Ideas For The Next Friday the 13th Movie

The only place where you well get references to Jason Voorhees AND Mannequin 2: On The Move Continue reading

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