On Patrol- April 10, 2016


Fan Petitions for Walking Dead Finale Reveal
Every week there seems to be a new hot topic of discussion in the nerd community. Last week it was Batman v. Superman. The week before it was Daredevil and more specifically Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. This week it’s the season finale of The Walking Dead. At this point I figure everyone who cares has seen it already but if not, SPOILER ALERT. People are absolutely seething about the and I can’t blame them. The second half of the season was built around Negan’s arrival and, more importantly, who to kill. So much so that the news reached people who hadn’t read the comic. To have it end with a fake out ending was one step too far. It all came to a head with a petition being created stating that they wanted to see who Negan killed. It’s frustrating and I get it.

That said it’s The Walking Dead. Melodrama and annoying cliffhangers is what the show does. The controversy has also overshadowed the fact that it was a decent episode. Not the best but there was a lot to like. For the first time all season the Saviors came off like a formidable foe. No longer a vessel for monologues and cannon fodder they actually felt like a threat. Showing a brutality and cunning not seen yet. I don’t care if their competence came out of nowhere the fact that they are is a nice change of pace from the past few villains. I also dug the bits of Negan we got. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is absolutely perfect in the role. He brought a charisma and goofiness to the character without ever losing the killer edge. Unlike say The Governor or The Wolves he felt like a real threat without actually doing much. Sure the end was a let down but I can’t say it was a complete loss. Fingers crossed that they don’t extend the reveal past the premiere. I’d say I’m joking but I could see that happening.

Source- Complex


First Rogue One Trailer Released
With Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting video this week (FYI, totally holds up) there was no better time to debut the first spin off movie; Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Now I’ve generally kept myself from learning too much about the movie. To learn that it’s actually a prequel to the original trilogy is actually pretty exciting. At this point the prequels are generally ignored (for good reason) so to see them going there is kind of shocking. If they can do those better then props. The fact that it’s about the Death Star, even cooler. The biggest highlight, at least for me, was the appearance of Donnie Yen. While he has appeared in the US in bit roles for him to get what seems like a major role is totally cool. It may be shameless pandering to the Chinese market but if that means he’ll get some solo fight scenes then I’m all for it. Needless to say December can’t come soon enough.

Source- Newsarama


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