On Patrol- April 3, 2016

Bryan Singer to Stick With X-Men
In a recent interview director Bryan Singer talked a lot about the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. The main piece, at least according to CBR, is that a scene would be taking place at a Weapon X facility. Singer also hinted at a Wolverine cameo which would be cool. What intirgued me was the fact that he wanted to take a brief break from the franchise. Not leaving it completely but, from the sounds of it, wanting to do something else for his next movie. This opens things up for a really cool opportunity. I think it’d be cool if he stepped aside and filmed something else and let someone take up the reigns for a movie. Not because he’s doing a bad job but a new perspective might be good for the series. Singer could still be involved but bringing in a newer director like they did with Matthew Vaughn could breathe some new life into the series. No matter what I wish nothing but the best for Singer.
Source- Comic Book Resources

Pricey Suicide Squad Reshoots
Reshoots are nothing new for a movie. Now reshoots that cost into teh tens of millions? That’s a bit more alarming. Nevertheless that’s what is happening with Suicide Squad. The reason being that they want to up the “fun element.” On the one hand this totally makes sense. Despite the financial success one of the biggest problems critics and comic fans alike had with the movie was how dour it was. Not to mention that with Deadpool becoming the highest grossing Rated R movie worldwide clearly people want things to be more fun. On the other if there is any superhero movie that can take itself more seriously it’s Suicide Squad. I mean it’s a movie about supervillians sent on missions expecting to die. Isn’t that the one movie where things should be a bit of a downer?
Source- Complex

Loki Takes Over A Weather Forecast
In other news, apparently Thor is a dick. Watch where you’re going, guy.
Source- Newsarama


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