On Patrol- March 27, 2016

New Jessica Jones Comic?
At last weekend’s C2E2 convention Marvel executive Tom Brevoort talked about a new Jessica Jones comic. While not a full on confirmation he did say that creator Brian Michael Bendis had some interest in the project. This certainly makes sense considering how popular Jessica Jones was on Netflix. As a comics fan this certainly has my interest. At this point I’m a casual fan at best. I keep up with Marvel’s big events but for the most part I don’t really read them. That said of the comics released in the past decade or so Alias (where Bendis created Jessica Jones) has been one of my favorite. At the time the “from the common people perspective” felt unique with the retired hero aspect being a cool hook. If we can get a book that good then I’m all for it.

Source- io9

Renner Wants Hawkeye Netflix Series, Me Too
At the Silicon Valley Comic Con actor Jeremy Renner was asked about the possibility of a Hawkeye Netflix show. Long story short Renner was open to the idea but it wasn’t up to him. In all honesty it may just be the best route to go.

Of all the Avengers Hawkeye is probably the most underdeveloped. Sure we got a brief glimpse at his family but there’s still quite a bit to learn about the guy. What’s his background? How did he get involved with SHIELD? What happened in Budapest with Black Widow? With such a vast and storied background in the comics this could be the perfect way to explore the character without gambling on a full fledged movie. So here’s hoping Marvel gets it’s act together (well more than it already has) and we finally get a proper Hawkeye show.

If nothing else he would be the perfect leader for the proposed Defenders crossover show.

Source- Comic Book dot Com

iron fist
Iron Fist A White Guy, Internet Loses Mind
In a bit of news I totally missed actor Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) was cast as Iron Fist for the upcoming Netflix series. I’m totally fine with this because I know nothing about the guy and can go in with an open mind. Apparently I’m the only one because people seemed to lose their mind. Okay that may be a bit of an oversight but there have been several thinkpieces from a variety of places like The Root, USA Today and Fusion calling this Marvel white washing it’s characters.

This is wrong in pretty much every sense. Since it’s debut in 70’s the character Iron Fist and Danny Rand have been a white guy. The main argument is the fact that Marvel Studios cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (a white character). Except that’s not the case exactly. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes lots of aspects from the comics the main source is the Ultimate Universe which based their universe’s Nick Fury on Jackson. Danny Rand in this universe is white as well. Ignoring comic facts turning the character Asian would be problematic in itself.

Iron Fist was created to exploit the popularity of kung fu movies in the 70’s. The character’s origin is that as a child he was raised in the mystical land of K’yun L’un where he was raised by martial artist Lei Kung. At the age of 19 he kills a dragon and uses his chi to focus his energy into his fists. Now imagine all of this starring an Asian person. I can’t be the only one that thinks portraying an East Asian man as a chop socky stereotype being way more bothersome.

I get it, I really do. The majority of heroes in Marvel movies and it can be frustrating. Doubly so when East Asians are underrepresented in American media in general. I just don’t think this is the hill to die on. This bit of casting stays true to the character’s roots which is all the majority of fans ask for. Now if you want to tackle the fact that there are a lack of minority characters in general or Marvel not adapting characters like Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel I’m with you.

Source- USA Today


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