On Patrol- March 6, 2016

Fuller House Gets Second Season
Fuller House was a hit, a massive hit. So much so that this week it was announced that there would be a second season. I can’t be the only one a bit baffled by this. Keep in mind it’s not for quality reasons because honestly the show is exactly what I expected. I expect a sequel series to Full House to have returning catch phrases, new kids with few character traits and a family that come off like self-centered assholes. Fuller House is all of that and that’s fine. No I’m baffled because it already accomplished it’s main goal of giving Jodie Sweetin work.

I mean the first episode alone features her doing accent work, comedy, dancing and singing. Later episodes have her trying drama because reasons. Now that she snagged a gig on Dancing with the Stars it feels like mission accomplished. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this. The only other reason I can think this show is being done is because Stamos wanted to show off how not-puffy he looks compared to Saget and Coulier but we all already knew that. At least this means we get more Kimmy Gibbler. Silver linings and whatnot.

Source- AV Club

Ghostbusters Trailer Released
After many think pieces about why there should be a female-led Ghostbusters, way more people acting outraged than there should be and a million nerds saying how it’s “killing their childhood” we finally got our first real look at the reboot in the new trailer. All things considered I think it looks alright. While the comedy seems a bit broader than the original I dig the performances (what we saw anyway) from everyone, particularly Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. What really stuck me was the style of everything, particularly the ghosts. Instead of going with darker colors or pure white they all have bright, vibrant looks to them. I’m really digging it. If I have a problem it’s the over reliance on gags from the first movie. Hopefully that is just for the trailer and isn’t for the whole movie. Overall, surprisingly optimistic.

Source- io9


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