On Patrol- February 7, 2016

ghost stories
Ghost Stories Getting A Film Adaption
While relatively minor news this actually has me quite excited. After a successful theater run through London, Moscow and Sydney the play Ghost Stories will be adapted into a feature film. Directed by creators Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson it will also star Martin Freeman and MacKay. While I don’t remember exactly where I first learned about the show it has fascinated me ever since. From what I have read it is like an old Amicus anthology film but on the stage. With no production stills to speak of it was promoted by showing video of audience reactions. Even more impressive is that when asked not to reveal the plot/twist audiences didn’t. While I’m sure they’re out there I haven’t seen any spoilers which is astounding in 2016. While production starts in September I eagerly await this release.

Source- Jo Blo

The Rock to Appear in Rampage Movie
In a recent instagram post Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced that The Colony’s Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal will do a rewrite of a movie starring him based on the Rampage video game series. More importantly I had absolutely no idea this was a thing which shocks me. I think The Rock is awesome (as we all do) and I love giant monster movies. How the hell is a Rock vs Giant Monsters movie just happening now? It seems like the perfect combination. Especially with Brad Peyton (San Andreas) on board to have things blow up. This sounds like the greatest dumb movie of all time.

Source- IGN

Because there aren't enough cast members

Because there aren’t enough cast members

Insane Expendables 4 Casting Rumors
After years of talks rumors, and begging from at least me, are going around that The Rock will appear in Expendalbes 4. Surprisingly it would be as the villain. Considering how great of a heel he was in pro wrestling I am actually pretty hyped by this. Plus it reminds me of Doom which I’m the one fan of. Even more crazy is word that Hulk Hogan will be replacing it the Sylvester Stallone. It seems Stallone is favoring a sequel to Creed (smart move) and Hogan would be the new lead. Obviously it is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt but just imagine this. It sounds awful but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued.

Source- Lawyer Herald


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