On Patrol- January 24, 2016


Awesome Suicide Squad Trailer Released
After a cool teaser we got our first trailer for Suicide Squad and wow. I’m prone to hyperbole but this was just awesome. Set to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody it showcased not only the powers but their personalities. More importantly, at least to me, we got to see the movie’s humorous side. Since Batman Begins the DC adaptions have been serious affairs. With a colorful poster and a lighter tone it stands out from not only the DCU movies but even some Marvel movies. Heck even Joker with a grill felt okay. If there ewas any hesitation about Suicide Squad before it’s certainly gone now.

Side Note- What’s up with Jai Courtney? I know Tom Hardy couldn’t do the movie but to make Courtney a Tom Hardy Cosplayer? That’s just weird.
Source- Newsarama


First Bit of Wonder Woman Footage Released
Speaking of the DC Movies we got our first look at Wonder Woman and it looks pretty cool. Starring Gal Gadot this 2017 film is apparently going to take place in more than one time period. We didn’t get much on plot but we did get some cool action shots. There isn’t too much to say besides it certainly has my attention.
Source- Newsarama


Tony Jaa Joins xXx 3, Movie Seems Worth Watching
I’ve never really cared about the xXx franchise. Sure Vin Diesel was inthe middle of his first big run but for the most part I was blah on it. Even at the time teenage me thought the whole “Xtreme sports guy is a spy” gimmick was pretty cheesy. In fact I was much more interested in the soundtrack than anything else. A double disc album it was half rock and half rap which I thought was so cool at the time. I was a lame, lame kid. xXx: State of the Union wasn’t much better. So hearing Vin Diesel wanted to resurrect the series a few months ago wasn’t a big deal. Then came news of Jet Li joining the film. Cool but still, it’s xXx. This past week it was reported that Tony Jaa joined the cast. Suddenly it had my attention. While not the biggest names this is a pretty great cast. Not only that but it gives me hope of a US action movie dealing with the Asian mob. Sure it’s a long shot and deep down I know it won’t happen. But either way if it means more Jet Li in the US then I am all for it.
Source- Hollywood Reporter

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