Early Ronda Rousey on SNL Review


I’m not going to say I have seen (or not seen) at the script or anything but this weekend’s Ronda Rousey episode will suck. The opening Donald Trump skit will have some laughs (they should thank God that Darrell Hammond came back to do it) but it will quickly go downhill after that. Despite their best efforts the monologue will be pretty basic. They’ll do the whole “I’m not just (fill in profession here) schtick that they do for all non-actors. Thankfully it’s not a musical monologue so thumbs up there. If they’re feeling ballsy they will try to do the “She hits people hard but doesn’t realize it” bit they had Chris Hemsworth do last year. Either way we will get some fake punches and pratfalls out of it.

On the plus side they will show some restraint by doing the “playing-against-type” skit after the first first musical performance. You know the one where her character isn’t a tough fighter but a nerd or whatever and it’s supposed to get laughs. It should elicit a couple of chuckles but it was more the lines than Rousey’s delivery. No for the most part Rousey will play the straight man as opposed to doing any real characters. Think the student instead of the wacky person coming in to talk to the students. I can also see them bringing back to Girlfriends Talk Show with Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong for Rousey. Sure the sketch has been run into the ground but Bryant usually kills it.

The only real characters she’ll play will be an exaggerated version of herself (like the monologue but in sketch form, possibly after the first break), a few lines in a commercial parody and whatever she plays in a pretaped sketch. The pretaped sketches will most likely be the best part of the show. Given they always are but these will be even better because Rousey won’t be so obvious when it comes to reading off the cue cards. She’ll flub a line or two but it won’t be a sketch breaking like the Chris Rock-Uber sketch last year. As for breaking, she will be surprisingly composed throughout. If I can give her anything it’s that she has mastered the whole “I am super serious” face.

Overall while it will be bad, and it will be bad, it won’t be Donald Trump bad. It’ll be ranked low by AVClub and Splitsider but it won’t make us question the show’s judgement. Think the last time Linday Lohan was on bad. Yeah, it’ll be around that level.

Rating- D-

On the plus side Jost and Che will continue to kill it as the Weekend Update hosts so kudos to them.



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