On Patrol- December 6, 2015

Latest Batman v. Superman Trailer Released
So I guess Jimmy Kimmel is the place to push your superhero movies now? Regardless on Wednesday we got another look at Batman v Superman and they certainly laid everything on the table. Having less of a series tone to it we get more looks at the cast and it’s… well it’s certainly interesting. The biggest being Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor. While a bit too Heath Ledger I actually kind of dig it. It has this guy-on-a-coke-binge quality to it that I find surprisingly entertaining. It isn’t what I expect out of Luthor but if we’re meant to think he’s younger than usual it totally works. We also got a clip Bruce Wayne meeting Clark Kent and all I can say is damn. Not because it’s amazing or anythingon but it was a straight up cat fight. Shade everywhere.

After some decent looking action we see Luthor’s endgame (as far as we know anyway), Doomsday. It doesn’t look great. Admittedly expecting something realistic is stupid but it just looked so fake. Like one of the new Ninja Turtles if it were covered in crap. Before Doomsday can kill Batman the caped crusader is saved by Wonder Woman. Of everything we have seen this felt like a true superheroic moment. No funny lines, no squabbling, just a hero saving someone from danger. At this point we pretty much know what I’m going to get. Mainly a decent action movie that doesn’t quite work as Superman. I’m totally cool with that. I just hope this Wonder Woman appearance indicates it isn’t all doom and gloom. Or at the very least more coke fiend Luthor.

Source- http://io9.com/bruce-wayne-meets-clark-kent-batman-v-superman-trailer-1745879992

Friday the 13th Gets New Writer, Again
Writer Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) has been brought on as a writer for the new Friday the 13th. He is also doing the new Wolf Man film for Universal Pictures that is apparently happening. Leaving the picture will be writer Nick Antosca and director David Bruckner. Apparently their film was going to set in the 80’s but Paramount and Platinum Dunes wanted something more modern.

So apparently nobody knows how to make a slasher movie anymore? At least Paramount and Platinum Dunes can’t seem to. Why bring in a guy who mostly deals in gritty thrillers? All you really need for the movie is an intimidating figure, a camp site, some good kills and “teens” who are in their 20’s. Really should be going to someone like Joe Lynch or Adam Green.

Of course I say all this fully knowing that I will be there opening night.

Source- http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3371998/friday-the-13th-lands-impressive-new-writer/


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