On Patrol- November 22, 2015

Gravity Falls Ending

After three years, two seasons and an endless amount of creepy ass fanart Disney X D’s Gravity Falls will be ending. Since it’s debut in 2012 it has gained a rabid fan base due to it’s good writing, interesting overall arc and the fact that it in a weird, supernatural direction. Now normally I would be totally bummed out. Like everyone else I’ve seen countless shows I enjoy get cancelled before it’s time (RIP The Birthday Boys). I can’t say I’m that sad about this show ending. As confirmed on his Tumblr creator Alex Hirsch has said that this is his own decision not Disney’s. He says that it was always a finite series and I absolutely agree. At its core  Gravity Falls has always been about summer and adolescence and those, inevitably, end. It’s only natural for the series to conclude after a cataclysmic event at the end of summer. Does it suck? Yeah sure. But when so many shows last way too long it’s kind of nice to see a show end while it’s still good. So thank you Gravity Falls for years of laughs and the occasional bit of nightmare fuel. I can only hope Disney decides this is the one time they actually release something on blu ray.

Source- AV Club



The latest franchise to get and expanded universe will be the surprisingly successful Fast & Furious series. In an interview with Variety star Vin Diesel confirmed that Universal is working on spin offs and prequels. All I can think is… why? The Fast & Furious movies are fun, no doubt. But who is there to do spin off movies for? Ludacris’ one liners? Tyrese’s one liners? Ummmm other people’s one liners? Aside from The Rock’s character I can’t imagine it bringing anything the main series doesn’t already have.

As for prequels, I just imagine nothing but a bunch of 20 somethings doing bad Vin Diesel impressions in street races. That…. actually that might be worth a movie.

Source- Complex

Justice League Dark Rumors
Now before I start just want to throw out the whole grain of salt bit. None of this has actually been confirmed and is rumors at this point. With that said the rumors are quite interesting. At this point it looks like Warner Brothers is casting the roles and it looks pretty good. Agreeing with screenwriter Guillermo del Toro it looks like Ron Perlman is the top choice to play Swamp Thing. Ignoring del Toro’s tendency to cast the same actors this is just a good choice period. Besides being a good character actor he’s more than used to the heavy make up needed to play Swamp Thing. Other actors eyed for roles include Ewan McGregor as Jason Blood/The Demon, Monica Belluci as Madame Xanadu and Colin Farrell as John Constantine. All in all it would make for a solid cast.

They are also looking at directors which is far more interesting. At the top of the list are Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead remake) and the team of Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. Both are great choices from the horror world with excellent eyes for style and atmosphere. With both having nothing on the table at the moment and shooting to start in early 2016 either choice would make for a great pick.

Source- Jo Blo

Into the Badlands Review

Ever since the end of The Walking Dead last season the big show AMC has been pushing was Into The Badlands. From the zillion commercials during The Walking Dead to the block of martial arts movies AMC really wants this to be their next big hit.

What I first noticed about the show was how gorgeous it all looked. From the open spaces of the badlands to the antebellum style mansions our antagonist lives in it all looked beautiful. This is helped by director David Dobkin and cinematographer Shane Hurlburt. Despite some lacklaster filmographies (Dobkin directed Fred Claus and The Change-Up) the two help bring this show alive. Which is good because the writers certainly couldn’t.

The show is written and co-created by the duo behind Smallville (Alfred Gough and Miles Miller) which is abundently clear throughout the episode. Feeling a bit more like the old superhero show the writing can be very blunt and to-the-point. The characters are more a collection of motives than actual personalities. This is best displayed by our hero Sunny. Played by the awesome Daniel Wu he is our hero more because he’s less awful than everyone else and he gets cool fight scenes. Besides that he’s more a collection of character traits (he’s brooding, has a mysterious past, etc). The same can be said about the rest of the cast. While there’s certainly time for this to change it wasn’t evident in the pilot.

Of course that isn’t the reason the audience is watching. The main attraction for Into the Badlands are the fight scenes. With action direction from Stephen Fung (Tai Chi Zero) and martial arts coordinator Ku Huen-chiu (Forbidden Kingdom, 14 Blades) the fights are where the show deliver the most. Expertly filmed they have a brutality to them seen nowhere else on TV. The second, and main, fight in the rain in particular worked on every level. My only complaint is that it there may not be enough action scenes. Maybe it was pacing but it felt particularly long between fight scenes. Time that was devoted to the aforementioned dialogue.

Into the Badlands should be right up my alley and, for the most part, it is. When it comes to visuals and fight scenes it delivers as much as a TV show can. Certainly more than any other show on US television. Unfortunately it when it comes to story and characters it’s just as bad as an old chopsocky film. I can only hope this improves over time and they embrace the vastness of source material Journey to the West over the course of the season. If nothing else at least bring in the Monkey King and see lose their mind at such an awesome turn.

Rating- B-


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