On Patrol- November 15, 2015

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins The Walking Dead
After a lot of waiting and rumors it was announced this week that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be playing Negan, the next big bad on The Walking Dead. To me this is some pretty good casting. Of The Walking Dead’s problems one of the big ones, at least for me, is the varying quality of acting. While I won’t say he’s the best actor ever I have found him entertaining in everything from Supernatural, The Losers and even his great cameo in They Came Together. More importantly he has a certain charisma that Negan has in the comics. A charisma that can go from pleasant to absolute monster in a minute. It’s kind of perfect casting.

The only problem I see, and it’s a big is, is the writing. Almost every time there is a main villain (besides zombies) the writing can get pretty bad. From Shane to The Governor they start out fun but lack the proper character development to become truly stand out characters. I can’t help but think this will happen with Negan. But hey, at least we might get some baseball bat kills. Hopefully they can keep me interested after that unlike the comic.
Source- Fangoria

Empire of the Dead Coming to AMC
Speaking of zombies the father of the modern zombie, George Romero, is bringing his own zombie show to AMC. At least according to him. Take this rumor with quite a few grains of salt because Romero announces tons of projects that never come to fruition. Still it’s kind of crazy to think of AMC slowly but surely becoming the premier horror channel. The channel has come quite the long way from being TCM with commercials.
Source- /Film

Snowpiercer TV Show?
It seems like all movies are getting their sequels via TV series. Everything from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters to Cruel Intentions seems to getting chances for a TV show. The latest to get picked up, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer. Starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton this 2013 sci-fi films was one of the best of the year. Not only was it well written but visually it was one of the more interesting films of the year. While I can see the look being recreated (at least with each train car being different) I’m not sure it could sustain a story for more than a season. Especially since we know any plans to stop the train will fail. It’s an interesting idea that has some potential but a network show? I’m not so sure.
Source- io9

Friday the 13th Game Reaches Funding Goal
And all right before Friday the 13th. This week studios Gun Media and IllFonic announced that Friday the 13th: The Game’s kickstarter was successful and we would be getting a single player mode. A genius concept the game’s mode is multiplayer, 7 vs 1 where on player is Jason Voorhees stalking 7 campers. If all goes right it can be pretty amazing. At the moment the game has an October 2016 expected release date and I can’t wait.
Source- Dread Central


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