On Patrol- November 1, 2015

Gambit Needs A Director, Could It Be You?
After director Rupert Wyatt left the movie seemingly every action director has been in contention for the long-rumored spin off. One of the first names to emerge, and supposedly producer Channing Tatum’s pick, is Doug Liman. Best known for The Bourne Identity more recently Liman shown he can balance comedy and science fiction beautifully. More importantly he isn’t a writer so you can’t really hold Jumper against him.

More recently two other big names have emerged. First is writer/director Shane Black. The prototypical Hollywood wunderkind he has been behind some of the biggest films in history including Lethal Weapon, Predator, Monster Squad, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. More importantly he was behind the great Iron Man 3. The one issue I can see arising is the fact that he is slated to helm the next Predator film which would put Gambit on the back burner a bit longer.

The other name put out there was Joe Cornish. While less known than the other two he is best known in the US for co-writing with Edgar Wright on The Adventures of Tin-Tin, Ant-Man and creating the criminally underrated Attack the Block. Now obviously none of these people have signed onto the film yet nor are they guaranteed to. That said they certainly are going after some good directors and it’s nice to see this treated as more than just a cheap cash-in.
Source- SlashFilm

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien on Hold
It pays to have a hit movie. Director Neill Blomkamp announced on his Twitter that his Alien sequel is on indefinite hold. This isn’t too surprising considering Ridley Scott’s announcement that Prometheus 2 would now be Alien: Paradise Lost. While it’s understandable I’d much rather watch Blomkamp make a visually stunning yet underwhelming movie rather than the Prometheus cast being the worst scientists ever.
Source- io9

Hulk Movie Even More Unlikely
At least according to Mark Ruffalo. oan interview with USA Today he clarified, once again, that Universal holds the solo film rights and won’t be giving it up any time soon. On the plus side we got a couple of cool confirmations. First that Ruffalo will appear in Thor: Ragnarok in some way. The other bit is that Taika Waititi of What We Do In Shadows fame will be directing. While I don’t know too much about his filmography makes it an interesting choice. I mean I would have never pegged the director of arthouse romcom Eagle vs Shark to do a big budget superhero movie.
Source- Newsarama


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