On Patrol- October 4, 2015

Kevin Feige Discusses Everything Marvel Movies
At an art show/release party heads of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige answered questions from the audience. The biggest news being that not only do they have things generally figured out but that the Avengers will be over after 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War “as we know it.” He clarified that while the Avengers would continue as a franchise more than likely the team will change. Also explained was Spider-Man’s role n Captain America: Civil War. From the sounds of it not only will he have a decent role but they had planned his inclusion (or lack of) when writing the film.

In sadder news Feige has gone on record that he does like that Ronda Rousey has been campaiging for the Ms. Marvel role. While it was more a “I like that people in general campaign” type deal I really hope this doesn’t mean she gets the role. I can’t imagine she can be the lead in a tent pole movie like this.

Source- The Robots Voice

Watchmen Show: The TV Show?
While far from being in development, let alone becoming a series, it has been reported that Zack Snyder has met with HBO about making Watchmen into a series. While a lot of people had issues with Snyder’s film I actually dug it quite a bit. I love how accurately it depicted the comic and thought the few changes made made the movie better. Still I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t have been a better TV show. More importantly there are tons of ways to go with it as a show. The Minutemen alone could be it’s own series. While there’s no guarantee that this will happen it’s something I’ll keep my eye on.

Source- io9

Fall Season Reviews
Another year another group of Fall premieres. Instead of the usual news I figured I would quickly review some new and returning shows. Surely haven’t you heard enough complaining about Scream Queens at this point? I hope to come back once the season is over and give a full review. For now though, here are reviews of a few season premieres.

Agents of SHIELD

Entering it’s 3rd season Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has etched out a nice niche for itself. While I wouldn’t quite call it essential viewing it made for interesting connecting tissue for the MCU between movies. This season it looks like the show will get develop more than ever in developing Marvel’s film continuity.

Taking place a few months after last season’s finale Inhumans have started to pop up around the globe. While SHIELD is trying to find and protect the Inhumans there is a mysterious monster (the comic character Lush) has been hunting them down. While these are the main stories going forward far and away the most interesting is Fitz and his pursuit of the missing Simmons. Finally getting out of the lab we see the resident scientist going full on Indiana Jones traveling the world looking for clues about the monolith. Actor Iain De Caestecker’s anger and sorrow is all left on the screen and it works. To see Simmons not only alive but being stalked by some unknown villain making it all the sadder.

Despite being a bit too heavy on the exposition Agents of SHIELD’s return was a success. With some interesting mysteries and some good acting it has me hooked again. While it could easily turn into another monster of the week show with the Inhumans there are enough mysteries this season to make things a bit easier.

Rating- B


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