On Patrol- September 13, 2015

The Krampus Invasion Begins
In a weird bit of coincidence (or panic?) we got not one but two trailers for movies about Krampus. While both are horror-comedies about the same character both films have their own feel to me. First there’s Krampus directed by Trick R Treat’s Michael Dougherty. Starring Adam Scott this feels a bit more serious with a family getting terrorized. Then there’s A Christmas Horror Story which stars William Shatner. If that doesn’t sell you there’s a showdown between Santa and the Krampus and zombie elves. Needless to say it looks like a blast. I’m not quite sure where the sudden interest in this obscure monster came from nor do I really care. I am absolutely stoked for this latest batch of Christmasploitation goodies.
Source- Topless Robot

Preacher Ordered To Series
I remember back in the 90’s when Wizard Magazine (I’m not ashamed to admit I read it) introduced me to the comic Preacher. Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon it told the story of Jesse Custer, a priest who had lost his faith searching for God. While it sounds like a bad Kirk Cameron movie it was anything but. With a western film style it was violent, controversial and a bit sacrilegious it was right up my alley. Now for years I had heard about it getting a film or TV adaption. It has linked to everybody from Kevin Smith to HBO and continued to languish in developmental hell. Now with the backing of Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg of all people the show is not only in production but has a poster and release date. Set for May 2016 it looks like my childhood dreams will finally come true. While I’m not quite sure how well it can be adapted to AMC (to say it’s R-rated is an understatement) if any network has earned my trust it’s AMC.
Source- Complex

Godzilla vs King Kong: Round 2
After some trouble getting Skull Island off the ground Legendary Pictures is moving the project from Universal to Warner Brothers. While Universal borrowed the rights from Peter Jackson’s 2005 film (and the 76 and 86 films) Warner Brothers actually owns the character. As it turns out Warner Brothers also own the American rights to Godzilla. With Toho’s approval the current plan is for the King of the Monsters to take on the Eighth Wonder of the World after Godzilla 2. Obviously this could change but this sounds like the greatest thing ever.
Source- Bloody Disgusting

Jessica Jones Trailer Released
Last but not least we have a trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. Based on the great comic Alias it’s the story of a former superhero who is now a private detective. While the trailer doesn’t say much about the actual show it’s so cool that I just had to share it.
Source- io9


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