On Patrol- August 30, 2015

Captain America: Civil War Art Reveals Teams
After confirmation from Jeremy Renner we finally get our first look at who is on who’s side in Captain America: Civil War. On the pro-superhero registration side is Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Vision and the debuting Black Widow. Leading the anti-registration side is Captain America who will be working with Falcon, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Sharon Carter. Most intersting, at least to me, is Sharon Carter’s inclusion. While she was in Captain America 2 her role was pretty minor for the most part. If it somehow leads to more of Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, even better.
Source- io9

Check It Out! With Steve Brule Returns in 2016
The show is amazing as the picture above demonstrates. The fact that we get more is great. Not much more to say than that.
Source- Splitsider

Fear the Walking Dead Review
Maybe it was due to overhype. Maybe it was the fact that the main show hit it’s stride over the past couple of seasons. Maybe I’m just gullible. Whatever it was I was pretty hyped for Fear the Walking Dead. Basing the show on how the outbreak started is a great idea and something not yet to be covered. It’d be a great bit of cannon that would not only benefit the show but also the comics. So… why did I come out of the show underwhelmed?

Actually there is a pretty easy to answer to that question; pretty much nothing happened in that pilot. Despite a strong opening and some great cinematography it dragged quite heavily. Instead of an explanation of what happened, or even a decent amount of zombie action we get an extended PSA about the horrors of drug addiction. Maybe it’s trying to fill the spot of Breaking Bad but personally I don’t need my horror show become an after school special about the most boring family in California.

That’s a bummer too because when there is action it’s all done pretty well. Like I’ve already mentioned it but the opening is a perfect set up for the show. Waking up from a drug haze in an abandoned church Nick discovers blood and corpses before being confronted by a fellow junkie that has turned. Set against blood red lighting this Dario Argento-esque lighting gives the show a look and a feel that is completely unique. The change coast continues to help the show by taking place in a more urban setting. It’s a refreshing change from the never ending rural towns populating Walking Dead classic.

Barring the first season The Walking Dead always seems to struggle with their season premieres. Turns out that the spin-off is no different. While the shows to try and establish everyone character Fear The Walking Dead seems to miss mark leaving us with broad brush strokes instead of fully formed characters. I have more than enough faith in the show getting back on track but I can’t say the show’s first impression was a particularly good one. At least Randy from The Wire is still getting work.



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