On Patrol- August 23, 2015


Samurai Cop 2 Trailer
It’s been a fairly slow week. Sue there was some stuff at D23 but aside from a poster for another awful Alice in Wonderland movie not much hit the net. Between that and the rumors of a Straight Outta Compton sequel being false I thought about skipping an On Patrol this week. Then I saw it. The greatest trailer of the year. Behold… Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance.

Oh. My. God. Starring the returning Matt Hannon it to be the future where Asian gangs are, I don’t know, putzing around on a bootleg Death Star. For some reason the titular Samurai Cop and his sidekick come straight from 1991 after being unfrozen. It looked like the typical madness I would expect from this movie. Then he appears.


That’s right, Tommy Wiseau. Director, star, producer, and editor of The Room. This is where I lost it. The idea of Wiseau i an action movie is too good to be true. Will he get an epic sword fight? Will he flub more than just the line at the end of the trailer? Will his role be nominated for every award ever? No matter what this solidified it; I must see this movie. Being released in LA on October 9th I can only hope it hits home video as soon as possible.

Source- Dread Central


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