On Patrol- August 16, 2015

Rousey Wants Marvel Movie Role, Better Idea Out There
UFC champion continued her seemingly never-ending press tour and did an AMA. While the major news seemed to be that she thinks she can beat Floyd Mayweather Jr (which my big homie Mike Coughlin covered) the other major news was that she wants to play Ms. Marvel. Something that totally viable since she seems to be the latest MMA star to crossover into film. The thing is she’s a terrible actress. I think I mentioned it before but she had a couple of sentences in Furious 7 yet she was still the worst actor in the whole film. Not to mention that this is seemingly the latest in casting rumors with her cast in an action film called Mile 22 and a movie based on her life. Am I taking crazy pills? Is there something I’m missing? This all just kind of blows my mind.

More importantly there’s a way cooler option out there. Director Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone, Green Street Hooligans) seems to have the same thing in mind when asked about Rousey. She talked about the fact that Kamala Khan is actually the current Ms. Marvel. With a lack of diversity seemingly the main criticism of Marvel’s movies why not make one about a Pakistani American superheroine? It’d subvert expectations and keep current with the comics they want to sell. Either way I really hope Rousey isn’t considered for the role. Amazing fighter but he ascent in Hollywood baffles me to no end.
Source- Bleeding Cool

The Raid Remake Delayed, Still Happening
In an interview about his DirectTV show Kingdom actor Frank Grillo talked about the remake of The Raid and why it was delayed. Essentially it comes to the studio not finding a proper lead for the film. At one point Taylor Kitsch was attached to the role but passed.

So as I have mentioned I am a huge fan of The Raid. The film is amazing. The thing is, no name Hollywood star matches the qualifications they seem to have for the lead, mainly martial arts training. The current crop of stars are more the John McClane, smartaleck type than an ass kicker. The only stars I can think of that have that vibe are guys like Statham who are approaching 50. If authenticity is what they want the best route is to use the current crop of VOD/direct to video route. Guys like Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins do way with their smaller budgets than some big summer blockbusters. It may not have a marketable lead but it could easily get a buzz similar to the original Raid with great fights.

Or cast Jai Courtney and watch it flop. Whichever works.

Source- Dread Central

CW Working On Friday the 13th TV Show
Apparently this has been in development for a couple years now. With the original premise being Jason killing throughout time. As dumb as thay sounds I can see it being a blast. Jason fighting dinosaurs is more than enough reason for it to happen.

Alas the world can’t be amazing. Instead it’s going to be about a detective chasing after Jason who is responsible for famous murders. Given the CW has been surprisingly successful with genre programming the past few years but this sounds like a major letdown. At least when compared to the best idea in history.
Source- AV Club


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