On Patrol- August 9, 2015

Deadpool Trailer Released, Amazeballs
After a disasterous character debut, years of rumors and tons of fans we finally have our first look at the Deadpool film. Thankfully while it is just a trailer the movie looks great. The one think they got right the whole time was that Ryan Reynold’s style of snark and it’s seen throughout. Whether it’s making light of cancer or describing his new look as a testicle with teeth is not only funny but fits the character. More fun, as seen in the red band trailer, is that the violence is very much R rated. Shots of blood and brain splatter really helps it stand out compared to the sanitized violence of most comic book movies. Hopefully the movie itself is as good because the trailer delivered in every way.
Source- io9

Spider-Man Reboot Won’t Be Origin Story
And any doubt of the new Spider-Man movie is gone. Admittedly that’s a bit hyperbolic but you have no idea how happy this makes me. As big as Spipder-Man is as a character how tiresome is it to see his origins all over again? We get it, his uncle died and Peter Parker was a bit of a douche. There aren’t too many different ways to tell the story. To hear that it won’t cover this the zillionth time gives me a bit of faith in the writing crew.
Source- EW

community finale
Season 6 was Community’s Last Season
After Community’s first season on Yahoo was, seemingly, a success actor Joel McHale revealed that season 6 will be the show’s last. While a bit heartbreaking to fans this seemed inevitable. The profiles for the main cast has grown quite a bit since the show’s start. Whether it’s getting more movie roles (Alison Brie) or fledgling rap careers (Donald Glover) they have all become too big for the show. Not to mention creator Dan Harmon seems to be more focused on cartoon Rick & Morty. Not to mention the epic season finale we got. With the majority of the original cast gone it feels right for the series to end.

With that said it doesn’t seem gone forever. In the past Harmon has talked about how he would like could do the oft-mentioned movie in the future. It will just take some time and he’ll have to miss it. It may not be tomorrow but there’s still hope that we get one more return to Greendale.
Source- Splitsider

Dr. Dre Releases Compton: A Soundtrack
Aside from movie soundtracks my first real memories of music come from watching MTV in the 90’s. Three artists in particular stick out and shaped my tastes; Green Day, The Offspring and Dr. Dre. Dre’s “Nothin But A G Thang” was on constant rotation at the time and it started my love for hip hop. In my teens, between crappy nu-metal and other awfulness, Dre’s 2001 was essential listening. Heck it still is. Since then I’ve been followed his career from producer to headphone mogul and have hoped for the release of Detox. Now, after 16 years, it’s finally here. While no longer Detox we finally have a new album from Dr. Dre.

Now I’m sure the general Stan-ness of the above paragraph will make my opinion invalid for some and that’s totally fine. That said I really dig the album. Dre’s rapping, and his co-writers for that matter, is still on point. With a style that feels more current and less OG west coast his voice is lighter (for lack of a better term) and more nimble. Less blunt than before he commands the listener all the same. Also new is the sound of his beats. Sure there are the bangers you expect but there’s definitely a more modern bounce influence on the beats.

That isn’t to say that things are completely different. When it comes to beats Dre is still the master. Working with the likes of DJ Khalil and DJ Premier these are instant classics. More importantly Dre is still more than willing to share the spotlight. Of course we get appearances from proteges like Snoop, Eminem, Game, Xzibit and Kendrick Lamar and they are all at their best. This is the hungriest I’ve heard Snoop in years. More importantly he gives some shine to newer rappers like King Mez, Justus and Jon Connor. Hell Jon Connor gets a solo track. Like the veterans all of them give their all and compliment the good doctor beautifully.

At this point I’m not quite sure if I would go and say it’s a straight up classic. In all honesty we’ll have to see over time. Now a album of the year contender? Absolutely. Dr. Dre is a known perfectionist and it shows from song to song. As an album for Dre to go out on? Even better. Not only does it show that what he does best but that he can keep up with hip hop now. If there is any negative it’s that we won’t see more of this iteration of Dr. Dre.


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