On Patrol- August 2, 2015

Tremors 5 Trailer Emererges
There are two ways to look at this. On the one hand Tremors has worked surprisingly well as a direct to video series. Tremors 2 and 3 are way better than they have any right to be. Now over a decade(!) since the last film Michael Gross is returning as Burt Gummer. This time he will be hunting the graboids in South Africa because, why not. While we don’t get a good look from what we do see they look pretty good for a direct to video movie. If there is a downside it’s that Jamie Kennedy is in the movie. Maybe it’s because I find him dreadfully unfunny. Maybe it’s because dude comes off as crazy insecure. Perhaps it’s the fact that he released a movie solely to bitch about how he isn’t really respected as a stand up comic. No matter what it is dude really annoys me. Even his douchiness can’t stop me from seeing the movie though. There’s always room for more graboids.
Source- Dread Central

SyFy Goes Crazy
SyFy seems to be going full bore into the absolutely insane department with two big announcements. First announced was they have ordered a series about cars that run on blood called Blood Drive. Described as a throwback show with the feel of 1970’s grindhouse fare it sounds like Death Race 2000. Unfortunately they didn’t go with infinitely better title VanPire. SyFy has also confirmed that Lavalantula will get a sequel with the greatest name ever; 2 Lava 2 Lantula. Who knows if they’ll get into the uber-self aware mode that hurt Sharknado but I can get behind the cast of Police Academy fighting killer spiders in their old age.
Source- Hollywood Reporter, AV Club

Direct Sequel to Troll, Really
Because seemingly everything is getting a reboot there are plans for not only an animated film but a TV series based on the 1986 film Troll. Not only that they have somehow convinced Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette to play a witch.

I think I might need to quit the medium of film.
Source- Coming Soon

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