On Patrol- July 26, 2015

Spider-Man Gets New Writers
The team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have joined Sony’s latest adaption of Spider-Man. After rumors that they would direct the film it was revealed that John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will be writing the Spider-man reboot in 2017. Writing mostly comedies it is an interesting choice. As far as I know they don’t have any experience writing action which, I assume, is a key part of the movie. Sure it could work out but it’s an interesting pick.
Source- Deadline

Backstreet Boys Horror Movie, Seriously
Okay so the details about this are pretty insane so I’ll just go over them as bullet points.
– The film is tentatively titled Dead7.
– It is written by and will star Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (aka the cute one).
– His co-stars will include fellow BSB members AJ McLean (the bad boy) and Howie Dorough (the other one).
– It will also have former N Sync member Joey Fatone.
– Carter described it as, and I quote, “It’s a zombie Western futuristic horror movie.”
– It is being produced by Asylum Productions. The studio behind classics like Sharknado, Transmorphers, Atlantic Rim and Android Cop.

Everything about this screams WTF and I am absolutely stoked.
Source- Complex

Holliston Renewed
It’s been a long road but horror-comedy show Holliston will be returning screens. More specifically your computer screen via podcast and video network Geek Nation. Debuting in 2012 it premiered on the now defunct FearNet. The station’s first original programming the show was like The Big Bang Theory except not garbage. It was not only funny but had a nerdy sensibility that didn’t feel too pandering. Since the station went off the air the show hit road blocks continuing. Most notably the death or regular cast member David Brockie aka GWAR’s Oderus Urungus. There’s way more to it but show creator Adam Green goes way more into the hard time it’s been to get the show’s return. Definitely check out the link below, it describes what’s been going on way better than I ever could. I’m just happy to hear it Holliston will make it’s long awaited return.
Source- Ariescope, Adam Green’s Blog

Star Wars Prequel Could Have Been Crazier
So we all agree, the prequels were awful. As it tuns out it could have been way worse. According to voice actor Ahmed Best one person wanted to play the universally reviled Jar Jar Binks. Specifically the king of pop Michael Jackson. The only reason it didn’t happen is because Jackson wanted to do it in full prosthetics which Lucas was unwilling to do. He insisted that the character be fully CGI. As silly as that sounds it makes a weird bit of sense. As awful as the character was it is actually history making in that it’s the first fully CGI main character in film. This would take away the one thing of note Phantom Menace has to it. Still this is definitely one of the crazier What-Ifs in film history.
Source- What Culture


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