On Patrol- July 19, 2015

Official Suicide Squad Trailer
There were a lot of big trailers but one of the biggest was the surprise debut of the teaser for Suicide Squad. After a camera phone leak and a passive aggressive message Warner Brothers released it in high quality. As far as the movie, I think it looks great. It looks less like a comic book movie and more like a David Ayer movie which is great. Given DC seems to be going for a more gritty feel as it is but it still sticks out. Hell you had a dude dressed in a panda costume gunning down people. That’s right up my alley.

The big dividing point seems to still be The Joker. Now that we finally got to see him in action, I dig it. The tats and grill are still a bit corny, no doubt. The thing is Jared Leto seems to have the role down. He has the maniacal glee I look for when someone plays the Joker. It could be bad but from what I’ve seen so far, it works.
Source- io9

Pacific Rim 2 To Begin Shooting
More specifically the plans are for the film to start filming in November with a summer 2017 release. In all honesty there isn’t much to say besides thank god this is finally getting off the ground. I adored the first movie so I’m stoked to get even more giant monster battles. I also just learned, or was reminded after looking at wikipedia, that Legendary plans to do a crossover with Godzilla after both of their sequels come out. How could I forget the coolest thing ever??? I know the chances of it happening are slim but by god this sounds epic.
Source- ComingSoon.net

Del Toro Also Wants A Shot At Star Wars
More specifically a spin-off film about Jabba the Hutt. Obviously this isn’t confirming del Toro is going to do it. Heck I don’t even think it is all that original when you consider the extended universe was a thing. I just want to mention this because I really do love this idea. Watching Jabba the Hutt rise to power Godfather style is insane on every level and needs to make it to the screen. I just hope wishing it enough into the universe that it becomes reality.
Source- Slash Film


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