On Patrol- June 28, 2015

spiderman costume
Spider-Man Actor and Directors Revealed
After weeks of speculation it was finally revealed who would not only direct but star in Sony’s latest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. As for the choices, I’m a bit befuddled in all honesty. First and foremost they have cast Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man. In all honesty I have absolutely zero knowledge on the kid. That said between Locke and The Impossible he has a pretty good resume for a 19 year old. I’m more interested by Jon Watts behind the camera. While his resume isn’t huge it’s fairly versatile with the Eli Roth produced Clown and the road based thriller Cop Car. Luckily I won’t have to wait until the 2017 Spider-Man to see Holland in action. It was revealed that Holland would be filming a cameo for Captain America: Civil War.

On a side note Donald Glover mentioned that he feels he’s too old to play Spider-Man. This makes me way sadder than it should.
Source- Complex

New Halloween Movie
Last week we learned that the Weinsten company would be going forward with a new Halloween movie tentatively titled Halloween Returns. Written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston (with Dunston directing solo) it will follow the children of old victims of Michael Myers. Michael Myers escapes execution and all hell breaks loose. Melton and Dunston are an interesting duo to take over. While known for horror-comedies like Feast and torture porn like Saw they do have slasher credentials. Well not really but the duo did The Collector and The Collection which I think are totally underrated. Their track record isn’t the best though. They basically took over for the worst Saw movies and Piranha 3DD. I’ll give them a chance though. If for no other reason than they aren’t those awful Rob Zombie movies.
Source- Complex

Next Paranormal Activity to be Final Film
We got a look of the latest, and apparently final, Paranormal Activity and it looks alright. A lot of typical stuff for the franchise. White bread family, ghosts in mirrors, stuff like that. What interests me is the fact that it will be 3D. Now I may have read wrong but the 3D will be used for the ghostly effects than the rest of the stuff. That’s a genius idea. There’s also the fact that after all this time they are going to show what the ghost dimension is and what Tobey looks like. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little intrigued.

No word on if they will include the randomly dumb (yet amazing) time travel door. One can only hope.
Source- USA Today


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