In Defense Of Jurassic Park III


With Jurassic World’s release this week it seems that every network is showing one, if not all, of the Jurassic Park movies. It makes sense with everybody wanting to get hyped up for the new movie. Naturally this has led to a lot of discussion on the original ones. The general consensus is that Jurassic Park is a classic and I’d be hard pressed to disagree. While I’m sure there are nitpicks to be made it is a fun movie with effects that hold up surprisingly well. Everyone also seems to think that Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III are awful with III being the worse of the two. As it turns out everyone else is wrong. In fact while not better than the original I’d argue that it’s a perfectly acceptable movie.

The biggest t hang up people seem to have is that it isn’t as good or like the first movie. That would be great but realistically this just wasn’t going to happen. Quite frankly you just won’t get the sense of wonder of seeing a dinosaur for the first time and CGI technology wouldn’t get a major leap until Avatar in 2009. Instead what we get is obviously more of a standard sequel for a Hollywood blockbuster. If you go into the movie with that in mind the movie it totally works.

Instead of trying to innovate it is more looking to entertain. Obviously it’s subjective but in my opinion all the scenes worked. Scenes like the plane crash and the raptor chase are still effective. Scenes like these were perfect for introducing new dinosaurs into the mix like the Spinosaurus and the flying Pterandon. There’s also the fact that the movie only goes an hour and a half as opposed to a full two. It keeps the movie at a decent pace and doesn’t let things drag. Last, but not least in some ways, is the fact that Dr. Allan Grant as the film’s lead. Is it pure nostalgia? Totally. But it is definitely a welcome change from the last movie.

Speaking of which I’ll admit this isn’t the best defense but it’s way better than Lost World. While it may have a bigger story it’s way more flawed. As fun as Jeff Goldblum can be he makes for a terrible action movie lead. I’m supposed to buy the guy who’s biggest defense is sarcasm will outlive raptors? I can’t do it. As it turns he doesn’t need to fight them off though. No that task goes to his daughter who beats them with gymnastics. These creatures intelligent enough to strategize and learn how to open doors beaten by Kerri Strug. I don’t care how cool a T-rex running around San Diego is, Lost World is really really stupid.


Now I’m not saying that Jurassic Park III is an all time great film. The cast can be pretty bland and the plot is pretty bare ones. It’s basically one giant chase movie with dinosaurs. For a chase movie with dinosaurs though it’s really fun. It has no pretense about changing the world of film and just wants be a fun amusement ride style blockbuster and succeeds. Plus no Vince Vaughn. That alone makes it a decent movie.


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4 Responses to In Defense Of Jurassic Park III

  1. See, that’s where I disagree with you. Jurassic World is rarely fun, the fight between the T-REX and the Spinosaurous lasts like 3 minutes most of the time we’re given a moapy interplay between Tea Leoni and William H. Macy

  2. Paul S says:

    I liked this movie when it was released and I still enjoy it now. Sam Neill is great, Johnston’s direction is competent, the screenplay co-written by Alexander Payne is witty as hell, and it’s entertaining. The only minus points for me were T-Rex getting killed by Spinosaurous, and the lack of screen time for Laura Dern.

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