On Patrol- June 14, 2015

Bad Boys 3, A Total Possibility
As much as I love action movies there are very few franchises I care about.
I mean sure Expendable has the nostalgia thrill but besides superhero movies very few action flicks get my attention. Looks like the universe decided to throw me a bone.

To me Bad Boys 2 is one of the most underrated action movies of all time. It is gory, gratuitous, dumb and absolutely better for it. It’s an ovebloated mess and that’s what makes it fun. The idea of getting another movie with the original cast seems great. What I question is the fact that Michael Bay doesn’t seem to be behind this. Bay is a polarizing director and I totally understand why. What I don’t think can be denied is that when it comes to big spectacle action he can pull it off (Bad Boys 2, The Rock) when not confined to a beloved franchise (Transformers). Instead we have David Guggenheim (Safe House) behind the script. Safe House was okay but it’s not like it was anything special. Right now Joe Carnahan which would be a definite boost. While far from perfect movies Smokin’ Aces and A-Team were appropriately ridiculous. As long as they can convince Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to return I have a bit of hope.

Source- NY Daily News

New Punisher Cast
The club of people who played the Punisher will be getting a new member next year with Jon Bernthal. Best known as Shane on The Walking Dead the casting is pretty spot on. He certainly looks like Frank Castle. More importantly he has made a living playing the rough anti-hero and is pretty good at it. I am just curious where they go with the character. Will he go full on villain? Will he go anti-hero and join the planned Defenders team? Whichever way they go at least they have a good actor filling the bullet proof vest.
Source- Newsarama

A short week news wise. Luckily this week will be kinda stacked. I have a Jurassic World Review and Halloween in June 2! So stay tuned because thi ng a will be busy.


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