On Patrol- June 7, 2015

Green Inferno Finally Gets A Release Date
For awhile there it looked like The Green Inferno would join The Poughkeepsie Tapes and 1994’s Fantastic Four on the list of movies that were never released. As mentioned in the past despite being made there were issues with the financier that were preventing the release of the film. Luckily the leading name in mainstream films is giving it a release. This week it was announced that the movie would get a release from Blumhouse Tilt, Universal and High Top Releasing. Kind of astounded that a cannibal movie would get a release from a major studio but I’m not complaining.
Currently the movie is set to be released on September 25, 2015.
Source- Fangoria

The Rock to remake Big Trouble in Little China
In the latest “Movie announcement that pisses off the nerd community” we learned that The Rock will be produce and star in a remake of Big Trouble in Little China. There have been rumors of a remake for years but this is the first time we’ve gotten any solid information on it. People got outraged for a bit and I totally get it. The movie is a cult classic and John Carpenter is a god in genre film. The addition of Dwayne Johnson, the current box office golden boy, can be looked at cynically and think it’ll be turned into the typical summer blockbuster Johnson excels at.

Despite all this I have hope. It’s mentioned that The Rock is a big fan of the original and I’m sure he gets that Jack Burton isn’t the hero but more of a clueless sidekick. Sure The Rock is the typical action star usually he has pulled off bumbling heroes like Burton in movies like Pain & Gain. He certainly has the comedic chops for it. It’s too early to tell but I can see this working out.
Source- Screen Crush

New Scream Mask, Looks Dumb
What the hell is this? We’ve known that the mask would look different since the show was announced and we heard from Wes Craven that it would be “cool and scary.” What we get is bland white plastic that’s more generic than anything else. The fact that a channel like MTV wouldn’t just write up a royalty check to the rights of the original mask is baffling to me.
Source- Complex

Godzilla, Mototsugu Katagiri
Godzilla Becomes A Citizen!
There isn’t too much to say besides good on Godzilla for finally finding a home.
Source- Gawker


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