On Patrol- May 24, 2015

New Fantastic Four Trailer
Well not quite a trailer. More a commercial for MovieTickets.com that also pimped the movie. What is notable is the fact that we finally got a good look of the powers. For the most part they look great. While Invisible Woman and Human Torch were expected to be good I was surprised how much I dug the look of The Thing. Fully CGI for the first time it fits in surprisingly well in a real world setting. Then there’s Mr. Fantastic. Admittedly we only get a split second of him and that’s hardly conductive of a whole movie. I just can’t buy it though. Getting stretchy is an inherently silly idea and it sure looks it. I know it sounds crazy but it looks ridiculous next to a giant rock monster. They haven’t been able to get it right before and, unfortunately, I don’t think they have it perfected yet.

Source- Complex

Michael B. Jordan Addresses Critics

“I can see everybody’s perspective, and I know I can’t ask the audience to forget 50 years of comic books. But the world is a little more diverse in 2015 than when the Fantastic Four comic first came out in 1961. Plus, if Stan Lee writes an email to my director saying, ‘You’re good. I’m okay with this,’ who am I to go against that?”

I guess people are still complaining about this and Michael B. Jordan felt it was time to finally address it. What saddens me the most is the fact that there are some people that still haven’t get over it. The reaction to the changing of a fictional character was depressing yet not unexpected. I mean Michael B. Jordan had the most devestating TV death in history as Wallace on The Wire. He’s a good actor and can more than pull off the role. Either way I’m sure the complainers will still see the movie out of some sort of completionist need. So yeah, take that racism!

Source- Comic Book Resources

Supergirl Pilot Leaks
Just over a week after the extended trailer was released the pilot has been leaked onto the internet. Interestingly it is in 1080p without any watermarks like most screeners. While I doubt this was a marketing ploy this isn’t necessarily bad. Reactions were mixed after the trailer was leaked and deservedly so. Despite some good TV superheroics it seemed to mostly focus on Kara trying to make her way through the magazine world, Devil Wears Prada style. Needless to say it isn’t what fans were hoping for. Having the show come out and assuage worries isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen. More importantly we still have six more months until it shows up on TV. By then this will be forgotten and even more people will get the chance to see the show. As far as I’m can tell this is more of a positive than a negative.

Source- Newsarama


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