On Patrol- May 17, 2015

Not Only Sony Screwing Up Superhero Movies
Admittedly this is a bit harsh but it looks like Fox is trying. While it looks like it will be a ways off Fox announced they are working on a New Mutants series. All things considered it’s a smart choice for a spin-off. As the current stars either leave the franchise (Jennifer Lawrence) and get older (Hugh Jackman) there isn’t a better way to introduce new characters. So who do you bring in to direct and co-write your new action-filled summer blockbuster? If you answered Josh Boone, writer-director of The Fault in our Stars then you’re clearly insane. Correct but insane.

Now in fairness he isn’t writing the whole thing. Joining Boone is Knate Gwaltney who is mainly known as a producer for Jackass and Loiter Sqaud. Oh boy. Look I love Jackass as much as the next guy who was a teen in the 2000’s and from what I gather Fault in our Stars was well written. That’s all fine and dandy. What I want to know is why put these two on the project? Are they lifelong fans of the series? Did the duo have an amazing proposal that Fox couldn’t pass up? Did both parties happen to have incriminating photos of higher ups and the studio decided to kill two birds with one stone? For all I know this will work out but as of right now I’m skeptical.
Source- Newsarama

limitless- cooper
Limitless Show, Bradley Cooper To Be A Recurring Character
Limitless was… a movie. A pure male power fantasy it was perfectly acceptable for what it was. Well if you were a massive fan of the movie then good news, CBS is turning the film into a police procedural because that’s all CBS makes. That’s not the crazy news though. What’s crazy is that legit A-List actor Bradley Cooper will be returning to the franchise as Eddie in a recurring role. WHAT? I realize that the lines between TV star and movie star are more blurred than ever but surely Cooper is too big for this. Maybe he just really loved the role but I just find it hard to believe that this Academy Award-nominated actor will not only appear but be a semi-regular role when his schedule permits.

At least there’s a chance we’ll see Bradley Cooper with those ridiculous extensions again.
Source- io9

Brad Bird Confirms Incredibles 2
While denying any involvement with future Star Wars movies (for now at least) director Brad Bird mentioned that his next movie will most likely be a sequel to The Incredibles. While I’d usually question Pixar’s current plan of doing a lot of sequels I’m just stoked to see Pixar return to the movie.
Source- Collider

mr burns
Harry Shearer leaves The Simpsons
In what could actually be a nail in the coffin for The Simpsons it was announced this week that Harry Shearer would be leaving the cast. He decided not to sign a contract extension for $17 million. While he doesn’t voice one of the main family members he has done the voice for a ton of the supporting characters like Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner. According to Shearer himself the main reason is that it would free the actor up for more outside projects. The current plan is recasting all of his characters which I’m sure will go swimmingly with hardcore fans.
Source- Variety


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