On Patrol- May 3, 2015

Maika Monroe Joins ID4 2, People Lose Their Mind
Oh where to begin with this. First and foremost I am astounded this is still going to happen. I mean yeah
yeah I’ve read about this and who is returning for the movie but without Will Smith what’s the point? Legit without Will Smith the movie is kind of wack so why bother? Regardless Mae Whitman’s role as the daughter of Bill Pullman’s character is being recast with Maika Monroe. For whatever reason people are losing their crap over it. Don’t get me wrong Meg Whitman is great. She’s very successful at voice acting and was great as Ann Veal on Arrested Development. But really it’s just a role in ID4. Most Roland Emmerich movies it will do a good, not exceptional, first week and decline quickly afterwards. What I can’t get past is people thinking she’s suddenly some kind of star. The Duff got better than average reviews and was a hit for a very minor movie. But carrying a movie? That feels a bit extreme to me. If that’s the criteria for a star Jason Biggs must be huge nowadays. Remember Jason Biggs? Anyway yeah, I just don’t see this as some kind of creative travesty.

Bigger, at least to me, is that Maika Monroe got the role. She’s shown herself to be a great modern day scream queen being the lead in great stuff like The Guest and It Follows. I get why you’d want the role but why ruin your streak of great movies? Hopefully Adam Wingard gives her a call soon.

Source- AV Club

Characters from X-Men: Apocalypse Revealed
With X-Men: Apocalypse filming going on director Bryan Singer has been slowly but surely revealing new characters. First this week we got a look at Nightcrawler and in all honesty, it looks petty good. While I am a bit baffled by the Fall Out Boy fan hair it nails the look pretty well. I appreciate not having the branding thing going like we got in X2. The other was little more tame with an on-set photo look at Jubilee and Jean Grey. Now I know the movie is taking place in the 80’s but I can’t help but think of Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother. Overall some fun reveals and I’m definitely anticipating the movie.

Source- io9, Slash Film

Michael Green to Write Wolverine Sequel
Despite being one of Marvel’s most iconic characters Wolverine has had a pretty rough time when it comes to his own films. Despite the pitch perfect Hugh Jackman and being a blast in the X-Men movies his solos movies have been pretty mixed. Wolverine: Origins has been universally panned and while The Wolverine was better I was still a bit let down by the movie overall. With rumors swirling that this will be Jackman’s final hurrah as Wolverine it looks like the pattern will continue. With the director James Mangold returning we have Michael Green writing the script. Better known as the writer for Green Lantern.

Yeah. Sure there is always the chance that it works out but the guy doesn’t exactly have a good track record. Between Green Lantern and working on corny shows like Smallville and Heroes I can’t say I have much faith.

Source- The Wrap


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