On Patrol- April 26, 2014

Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off
After the announcemnt a month or so ago we got more details on the show. Run by writer/producer John Ridley the show will be about Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. Which makes total sense considering they have been the best part of this new season. This also opens up a lot of options for the new series. The most obvious being the two in a Mrs. and Mrs. Smith style show. The two actors have such great chemistry that I’d totally love to watch. The other option, although less likely, would be an Avengers Academy type show. Based on the comic of the same name it would fit perfectly in a post Captain America: Civil War universe. While it’s way too early to call it with the way the show is going there’s a lot opportunity for this to be a great show.

Source- io9

Animated Spider-Man Movie Coming
The phrase “the more things change the more they stay the same” feels like an appropriate saying right about now. This past week Sony announced wjat the first solo movie Spiderman would be, an animated movie in 2018. Perhaps it is just me but this seems like an odd choice. I mean shouldn’t Sony focus on getting the live action version sorted before going animated? It feels like Sony over planning the Spider-man movies all over again. This isn’t all bad news though. Currently they have Phil Lord and Chris Miller writing and directing the movie. The duo have more than shown they can do great animated movies like The Lego Movie and the show Clone High. No doubt the movie will be good I just have my reservations about doing the movie so soon.

Source- io9

Jared Leto Joker Revealed
After much teasing we finally got a look at Jared Leto’s version of The Joker. It’s…. unique I guess. While I think the actor is perfect for the role the look feels likes it is trying too much. The ha ha tattoos? The word damaged on the face? It feels like a bit much. I’m sure Leto can make it work but off this one image, it feels a bit goofy to me.

All will be forgiven if he has a boombox rocking Prince though.

Source- Forbes


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