On Patrol- April 19, 2015

Batman v Superman Trailer Teased, Then Leaked, Then Released
Well that was a quick turnaround. Earlier this week director Zack Snyder put out a tease for the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Almost immediately a low res trailer was leaked and the internet was abuzz. Well we finally got a high quality version and… it looks alright I guess. On the plus side I dig the look of the movie and the set up is pretty cool. The idea of Superman having this cult like following and it disturbing Batman is cool. We also got our first look good look at Affleck as Batman and it looked fine. Going for a more Frank Miller look it worked for me. Unfortunately it looks like we’re also going to get the overly dark and on-the-nose messianic images as well returning. While I didn’t dislike it as much as a lot of fans seeing it front and center like this is disheartening. Given I’m not expecting a fun romp but to see they didn’t change some of the more obvious flaws is disappointing.

At least we hear Neil DeGrasse Tyson talk about the potential danger Superman poses. Never thought I’d hear that.
Source- Deadline

New Ant-Man Trailer
In a huge week of movie trailers we got the latest trailer for the movie that will end Phase Two for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man. While the other trailers had more of a traditional superhero look this trailer showed more of the movie’s comedy. Surprisingly it worked pretty well. I shouldn’t be surprising considering Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) wrote it but still I was pleasantly surprised. The idea of a fight on a toy train set is a great idea and the kind of thing that can seperate Ant-Man from the other Marvel movies. The other major thing in the trailer was we finally got to see Ant-man actually control ants. While it sounds corny it looks great. While Avengers: Age of Ultron is the movie being pushed I’m absolutely stoked for Ant-Man a couple of months later.
Source- Newsarama

Ditto for Terminator: Genisys
Well they certainly laid everything out with this trailer. What started as, essentially, a recap of the past few trailers took an interesting turn fairly quickly. About halfway through it is revealed that John Connor (Jason Clarke) is some kind of human/cyborg hybrid. Ummmm what? Sure it adds a lot of intrigue and gets me much more interested in the movie. I just can’t help but wonder why reveal it? This is the kind of twists most movies would dream of having and they just put it out there. I have no idea how this will turn out but if they wanted my attention they finally got it.
Source- io9

Chewie… We’re Home
And with those three words this week’s trailer war was won. I’m sure this is a bit hyperbolic but to me this was the perfect trailer. We’re immediately thrown into the mix when we see a Star Destroyer on Jakku (a new planet) and Darth Vader’s burned out helmet. Then a speech from Luke about how his father had it, he has it, his sister and how a new Jedi has it. All intermixed with obscured shots of him and Leia (who gets a lightsaber like a boss). Then shots of X-wings flying into battle and explosions before we see our main villain, Kylo Ren. Masked (because masks= evil in Star Wars) and that cool cross lightsaber. Next clearer shots of their new look we see them just wreck shop before a brand new chrome Stormtrooper with a totally baller cape. We get shots of redesigned TIE Fighters chasing the Millennium Falcon before we get the moment.

Yeah it was done to push your nostalgia buttons. Sure Harrison Ford’s filmography has been sketchy since the 90’s. But seeing Han and Chewie together was too much for me. Like the last trailer I totally nerded out seeing Han Solo again and I’m okay admitting that.
Source- Topless Robot


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