On Patrol- April 5, 2015

Wrestlemania 31 Notes
This past week was WWE’s biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania. Despite my love for pro wrestling I had little interest in the show. I mean there’s always some excitement, I mean it’s Mania. As corny as it sounds this is the Super Bowl of the industry. Unfortunately the build up has been terrible. Between not listening to the audience and the matches just didn’t appeal to me. Especially when a show like Lucha Underground is absolutely killing it on a weekly basis for free. Still like a total mark I gave in and watched part of the show. Now I didn’t see the whole show. Regardless here are my thoughts on what I did see.

– First match was the pre-show battle royal. Essentially a reason to get everyone a payday I was disappointed how it turned out. The wrestling is fine, heck better than your typical battle royal. I mean why bring up Hideo Itami from NXT just to eliminate him like a chump? It’s a shame too because he’s like the only Asian wrestler in the company. The other problem I had involved was Mizdow not winning. The most over guy he finally turned on Miz and the crowd was going crazy. Of course lets have Big Show win for no reason. Yeah, that makes sense. I know it’s just a battle royal but it really is a perfect example of why WWE is slipping with me right now.
– Next match I watched was the ladder match that opened the show. This was a car crash spotfest and I loved every second. I really don’t have much to say besides it was a fun spectacle that got me into the show.
– Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins, it was fine. Besides a crazy RKO finishing the match it was a perfectly acceptable match. Not much to say besides that.
– I had no interest in Sting vs Triple H. The match itself just didn’t have much going for it IMO. What I did want to see were the entrances for both guys. Between it being Sting’s first match and Triple H always doing something crazy they had my attention. What came next was one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in wrestling in quite some time. First Sting came out and he had an Asian theme? Last I heard he was a 50-year old former realtor who dressed up like The Crow. Regardless it was a fine for what it was. Then came Triple H. With a Terminator theme it was the funniest, cheapest entrance in ages. With a cheap looking T-1000 style outfit and T-1000 replicas. All around are dudes with fake guns and these cheap silver Halloween masks. Straight up the goofiest looking thing I’ve seen ever. After that I had to take a break and missed a grip of the show.
– Last thing I watched was the latter part of the Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar match. This was just dope. Just two dudes clubbering each other like there’s no tomorrow. Just crazy fun.

From what I saw a good show. Nothing was truly amazing but I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to what I saw.

Source- Wrestling Observer

Deadpool Gets Rating
In a follow up to last week’s On Patrol we have finally have a rating. In an interview with Mario Lopez Ryan Reynolds revealed that the movie would be rated R. Not only that but it was revealed in the most Deadpool way possible. Just check out the video, it’s great stuff. On another note it will be interesting to see how this will do at the box office. While there have been R-rated based on comics before (Punisher and Kick-Ass in particular) this will be the first major comic movie based on a major character with an R-rating. I’m definitely curious to see how this works out.
Source- Newsarama

With not much else going on this week (at least that I have seen) I have my review of the past few weeks of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Review
Note- Will only talk the back half of the season. Click here for my review of the first half.

Coming back in the Spring The Walking Dead seemed more open than ever. Without a permanent setting for the first time in years we had to follow Rick and his crew on the road heading to Washington DC. As it turns out The Walking Dead wanted to move along business as usual; for better or for worse.

The biggest plus to come out of this season were the special effects. I don’t know if it was a bigger budget or a hit of inspiration but they have kicked things up a notch. I’ve seen movies that would envy having a death as gruesome as Noah’s. Any time the story would falter or an episode felt like it was spinning it’s wheels we could always count on some good zombie action. Luckily when it came to the main stories things were fairly interesting. For the first time in quite awhile Rick was an interesting lead. While we have had crazy Rick before this time is different. Instead of talking to his dead wife on a phone he feels geuninely unhinged as opposed to a caricature of it. Then there’s Carol. After years in the apocalypse she’s one of the only character who seems to have really changed; going from victim to almost-sociopathic survivor. A woman who will do anything to survive, even threatening a child in Alexandria. Speaking of which while keeping Rick’s group in a single spot Alexandria has shown potential for future stories. The idea of the group having to adapt to an idyllic civilization has been fascinating. Particularly when while some of the group try to fit in we also have others more than ready to take the place over if things go south. It’s created an interesting dynamic that looks to continue next season.

Not everything character related has been great. Like seasons past when it comes to side characters things have been very hit and miss. The most obvious miss came from new character Father Gabriel. Debuting this season he has obviously had an issue with how Rick has handled things it’s only when in the last few episodes when he does a complete 180 turning on Rick’s group and tells the leader of Alexandria how awful they are. An issue that is seems quickly resolved when Maggie is like “Yo hold up, quit being wack” and they pray. Then there’s Sasha who also is suddenly suicidal taking out walkers by herself. Sure her character has gone through a lot and has led to some beautiful shots like her lying in a pile of dead zombies (you know what I mean) but it felt rushed. Maybe if we got more time it would work but as it is it’s quickly resolved and that’s that. We have the problem of having nothing for people like Rosita and Tara but with a cast this size it would take being The Wire for everyone to feel important.

At the end of season 5 the show seems to running as good as it ever will. While there is definitely room for improvement at this point the good outweighs the bad by quite a bit. With the show getting a spin off and closer to the comic continuity than ever before season 6 is shaping up to be the most intriguing season yet.

Rating- B+


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