On Patrol- March 8, 2015

Spider-Man Movie Rumors Abound
Another week another round of rumors surrounding the next Spider-Man movie. While not confirmed the big one this week is that Drew Goddard will be directing the new film. While he directed 2012’s great Cabin in the Woods he is more known as a writer for films like the aforementioned Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield, and Ridley Scott’s upcoming film The Martian. While previously linked to the Sinister Six spin-off it looks like he will head the main franchise, now titled Spectacular Spider-Man. The current plan is for it to start with Spider-Man already an established hero (yay no origin story!) and will lead to a Sinister Six movie. So, now that I think about it, Amazing Spider-Man 2. Ew.

The only other really interesting bit is that supposdely there will be a scene of Spider-man fighting Iron Man. I have no clue why this would happen but I love the idea of Iron Man appearing in all the Marvel movies without having a new one. Really helps make his character that much cooler for me.
Source- We Got This Covered

Rey Mysterio Jr Leaves WWE, Goes to AAA in Mexico
Well this is an interesting development. Now it’s been public knowledge that Rey Mysterio has wanted out of the WWE. Between appearances at AAA’s Triplemania event and the fact that he hasn’t been cashing checks from WWE it has been pretty obvious. Quietly last week (well quiet the places I go to) and immediately working with AAA. He’s already booked for a match at AAA’s annual Rey de Reyes show Myzteziz (Mistico, the original Sin Cara) against Perro Aguayo Jr. and Pentagon Jr. Even more interesting is that this opens the door to Mysterio appearing in Lucha Underground, AAA’s branch in the United States. While Lucha Underground has been a great show (easily my favorite every week) they don’t have major distribution on El Rey. While it would stay on that channel it could push the show to appear on Univision in Spanish markets which would be a huge coup. That said signing Rey could also be a huge risk. At 40 years old he has gone pretty hard for decades and his knees are pretty terrible. No matter how good he says his knees are I have my doubts.

This is also leaves a big whole in the WWE roster. Since joining the company Mysterio has been a major star for the Spanish market with ratings rising significantly during his segments. While they have tried to push other Latino wrestlers they never hit the same level as Rey. Considering the current people booking I have my doubts that they can get a star at the same level ever again. Now wrestling is a fickle business and I could easily see Rey leaving AAA after some stupid blow up. For now though, 2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year.
Source- Wrestling Observer

Lake Placid vs Anaconda A Thing
Syfy doing a movie without a shark? WHAT??? Even crazier, apparently snakes and eat alligators. Yeah, the world is horrifying sometimes.
Source- Topless Robot


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