On Patrol- February 22, 2015

Neill Blomkamp to direct next Aliens Movie
The Alien franchise has had a hard go of things for the past decade or so. From the disappointing pseudo-prequel Prometheus to those awful Alien vs Predator movies the series has had a rough go of it. Luckily things are looking up. After revealing some concept art on his Instagram account it was announced that director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) would be directing the 5th installment of the Alien franchise. While initially excited I’m a bit mixed on the whole thing. On the one hand he is a good director with some visually interesting ideas. I’m even okay with the fact that he isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to the message he wants to get across. What worries me is the fact that it is coming out after Prometheus 2 and I assume that will play a role in how this movie goes. Considering how wonky it made the continuity for the original movies I can’t help but think it’ll screw up this new one. Still with Blomkamp mentioning that he got input from Sigourney Weaver and what she thinks she can do with the character I have a bit of hope.
Source- EW

Fans Petition Ghost in the Shell Movie
I’m not huge into anime. While I had friends that dig it I could never quite get into it. With that said I do have a special spot for Ghost in the Shell. While not the hugest fan this serious cyberpunk epic certainly stood out from the cutesy TV shows friends would show me. Which is why I can get behind the fans petitioning to have Scarlett Johansson replaced. Not to get too much into race but Hollywood has a history of white washing foreign properties and this is no exception. There are plenty of talented Asian actresses that could play the role and for it is frustrating to see such an iconic anime get the same treatment.

That said I honestly have a hard time getting too behind this for one reason, I doubt this is going to get made. I’m sure it’s cynical but like the live action Akira movie this has been in development for quite awhile and gone through several writers. I could be wrong but I just don’t think this will actually come out. If it does, hopefully this petition does work.
Source- IGN

Kid Cudi to join Comedy Bang! Bang!
While it was announced months ago that Reggie Watts would leave the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show we didn’t know who was going to replace him to provide music. This past week it was not only announced that Kid Cudi would take over the role but also got a preview of him on the show. Appearing on the show on the as a guest the Grammy winning musician more than held his own. Froms the get-go he was more than willing to play along and go with a bit. Things like his reaction to child film critic Aiden Tomasetto (Noël Wells) displayed not only great timing but some great ability to ad lib. Reggie Watts brought a special something to Comedy Bang! Bang! that can never be replaced. But after seeing Kid Cudi’s time on the couch I know the show is in good hands. Plus he has a mean Prince impression.
Source- AV Club

harris wittels
RIP Harris Wittels
In some heartbreaking news writer/podcaster/musician/stand up comedian Harris Wittels was found dead in his Los Angeles home. He was 30 years old. While we don’t have an official reason of death it is believed that he died of a drug overdose. He has talked about his struggles with substance abuse in the past, particularly in an episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. While best known as an executive producer on Parks & Recreation he has written for Eastbound & Down and The Sarah Silverman Program. He was a funny guy with a great dry delivery. If you haven’t heard him before go to the Earwolf site and listen to any of his appearances. He was a terribly talented comedian and it’s a shame that he passed away.
Source- Splitsider


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