5 People Who Should Host SNL: Superstars Edition


Late last year and a week before the latest season I posted about People Who Should Host SNL. While I still agree with the list I think there’s one major flaw to the list. Mainly that I stuck too much to the comedy nerd side of things. Heck I admitted that Marc Maron was chosen mainly for an awesome episode of WTF. More importantly when I look back there are a lot of big name actors that haven’t hosted. With the SNL 40 behind us and another 40 years to look forward to here are 5 major names that should host the show.

Will Smith
It kind of feels like forever ago but at one point Will Smith was the biggest star in Hollywood going. Heck I say that like he isn’t a huge star. Despite this and he has never found the time between movies to take appear at 30 Rockefeller Center. Since the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the rapper/actor has shown the kind of likability and comedic chops that work perfectly on SNL. His appearances on Fallon have proven he’s still hilarious so why not bring him in finally? If you have to use Jaden as a musical guest that’s a sacrifice worth making.

Olivia Wilde
While she has shown up in the Seducing Women digital short the actress hasn’t actually hosted the show. Ignoring her marriage to former cast member Jason Sudeikis she has shown some great chops in movies and shorts for Funny or Die. She has shown a willingness to subvert her “hot chick” persona and good comic timing. Add SNL’s fetish for bringing back older cast members and she seems like a perfect pick.

Ice Cube
A bit of an oddball pick but hear me out. Since the days shouting “F**k the police” Cube has shown a great bit of diversity when it comes to his acting. Whether it’s a family film like Are We There Yet or a drama like Boyz N Da Hood he’s more versatile than he has any right to be. Of all the roles he’s played I think he’s been used best as a straight man. Whether it’s as Craig in Friday or Capt. Dickson in the Jump Street movies he excels when it comes to playing off big personalities. This would work perfectly with current cast members like Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan. With Straight Outta Compton coming out this year it seems like a perfect time for Cube to host and wear the jheri curl one last time.

will forte
Will Forte
Of all the former cast members to make it big Forte has had one of the most interesting career paths. After eight years on the show and starring/writing in the best SNL movie, MacGruber, he made a name for himself taking more oddball roles appearing on 30 Rock and Gravity Falls. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he had a main role in 2013’s Nebraska. Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and in a movie with 6 Oscar nominations Forte had done what few actors had done let alone SNL cast members. Now the star of his own show on Fox it would be the perfect time for MacGruber to return to Studio 8H.

Denzel Washington
Like Will Smith this seems like a no-brainer. For over three decades Denzel has been a success in every when it comes to acting. Hit movies? Check. Academy Awards? A couple of them. He even has an MTV award for Malcom X of all movies (weird in a time when Twilight won everything). Despite all these accomplishments and incredible amount of charisma he has never hosted SNL. He’s shown interest (at least in a Reddit AMA last year) so why not? If flash in the pans like Dakota Johnson can get a chance then surely there’s room for Hollywood royalty like Denzel Washington.


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One Response to 5 People Who Should Host SNL: Superstars Edition

  1. polarbears16 says:

    My picks: Jessica chastain, Stephen Colbert, Tatiana Maslany, Kristen Bell, Leonardo DiCaprio

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