On Patrol- February 1, 2015

Fantastic Four Teaser Released
In the biggest bit of nerd news this week the teaser for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle) the trailer pushed the movie as having a very heavy sci-fi edge. While I don’t mind going that route nothing about the movie screams Fantastic Four. It could have been any other random sci-fi movie and I wouldn’t have been surprised. More troublesome, at least to me, was the lack of powers shown. At least when it comes to the more problematic powers. We got glimpses of the Human Torch and Invisible Woman using their powers and they looked fine. In all honesty I don’t think the effects were that much better when compared to the Tim Story movies a decade ago. When it comes to The Thing and Mr. Fantastic though we got little in terms of their powers. Instead of a full reveal we saw a few random shots of The Thing and for Mr. Fantastic we saw Miles Teller lifting his arm. That isn’t hyperbole either, see for yourself. Of course this is a teaser and they don’t want to give everything away. So for what we got it looks alright. Can I say it looks great? Not really. Again there’s the fact that stretchy powers look stupid and Dr. Doom is apparently a blogger. Compared to other superhero movies at least it has a unique look and doesn’t seem to be copying any others.

Also, as you can see in the picture, The Thing doesn’t get pants. That is just plain weird.
Source- Newsarama

Ghostbusters Casting Begins
Slowly but surely Ghostbusters 3 seems to be coming together. This week Ghostbusters 3 director Paul Feig tweeted out an image of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. It was then reported that Sony (producers of the movie) are in early negotiations for the movie. Melissa McCarthy seems like a guarantee considering she’s in all of Feig’s recent movies and she has good chemistry with Wiig. Kate McKinnon is consistently the best cast member on SNL on a week-to-week basis. The only one I’m curious about is Leslie Jones. Don’t get me wrong she’s funny and I have enjoyed the bits of stand up she’s done on SNL. The thing is that she’s like her Top Five co-star Chris Rock. Yes she’s funny and has a great personality but it’s mostly for stand up. When it comes to playing a character though I wouldn’t say she’s the best. Regardless this is a pretty good main cast and hopefully Feig and the writers are smart enough to make it work.
Source- Variety

Birthday Boys Cancelled
Admittedly this is a week late but it’s still a bummer. If you don’t know Birthday Boys was a sketch comedy show on IFC. Executive produced by Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show, Breaking Bad) it was one of my favorite comedy shows going today. Last I saw the show was on Netflix Instant and really is worth a watch.
Source- Splitsider


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