On Patrol- January 25, 2015

Marvel Universe Ending in 2015
Well kind of, sort of. After months of teases and speculation it looks like the Marvel comics universe will have a reboot (no matter what the official word is). In this year’s major event some malevolent force will be taking pieces of each Marvel alternate universe (including the regular comics one), smashing them together and we’ll see what sticks and what goes. On the one hand I like the “Screw it, go for broke, anything can happen” approach this has. The idea of incorporating more of the random alternate universes like Marvel Zombies or Old Man Logan. While I’m sure a lot of it will be tossed out some of these worlds interacting can be a lot of fun.

On the other we’ve seen this happen in DC’s New 52 event from years back and the results were mixed. Sure we got some cool stuff like John Constantine in the main DC Universe and supporting characters like Mr. Terrific and Resurrection Man. That said by throwing away decades of continuity you lose a lot of background characters and random D-List characters who I love. This is especially damning when you consider that DC’s event this year, Convergence, seems to try and bring back a lot of these things and get back to a more traditional status quo. DC Comics has a history of doing this semi-regularly with the Crisis series of events and they’ve screwed a few things up. Marvel has never tried something like this before and I can easily see them dropping the ball with the ending like a lot of other past events (looking at you Age of Ultron). This has the potential to be a huge deal that could easily blow up in their face.

The event will begin on Free Comic Book Day, May 2nd, with Secret Wars #0.
Source- Newsarama

Scream Queens Adds To The Cast, Insanity Ensues
Considering how often I do these lots of news can fall through the cracks. One of the most interesting is the latest show from Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck), Scream Queens. Announced last October it is a horror-comedy anthology series set to debut this fall. When the show was first announced the only cast members announced Emma Roberts and the original scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis. This week Variety reported on several more cast members including Lea Michele (Glee), Joe Manganiello (Sabotage, True Blood), Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, the upcoming Final Girl) and Ariana Grande. That’s right, the pop star who got crazy overplayed two years ago. While I’m not the biggest Ryan Murphy fan (at least after a couple of seasons of his shows) he seems to have a knack for horror considering how successful American Horror Story has been. At the very least it’s giving Jamie Lee Curtis a gig which is always welcome.
Source- io9

New Names for Suicide Squad?
Speaking of missing news last week it was revealed that Tom Hardy had dropped out of Suicide Squad. While reports are mixed on exactly why he left the project the two main reasons seem to be scheduling with his film ‘The Revenant’ Latino Review (who have a pretty solid record despite the name) are saying that it was due to his role getting smaller due to Deadshot (Will Smith) and The Joker (Jared Leto) getting more screen time in recent rewrites. While there was buzz about Jake Gyllenhol being up for the role it turns out he turned down the role. So, who’s up to take over as Rick Flagg now? At the moment the two top contenders seem to be Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead, Fury) and Joel Edgerton (Warrior, the white Moses movie). While both are stars to a certain degree this is kind of role could be a pretty good breakout role for either guy.

Also rumored is a role for Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. I have no clue why Manganiello is now a go-to guy for action roles but there you have it. Now if it were me I’d cast Dan Stevens (The Guest) because he’s a badass but what do I know.
Source- We Got This Covered


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