On Patrol- January 18, 2015

Saturday, April 8 (11:30 p.m.-1 a.m. ET)
VH1 Classic to air SNL Marathon
2015 has been a big year for Saturday Night Live. Reaching it’s 40th year SNL has decided to pull a Simpsons and air several days worth of episodes and clips over 19 days. Starting at season 39 it will go in reverse chornological order while taking time to have particular blocks of shows like Justin Timberlake episodes and the best of Chris Farley. While not every episode will be airing due to complicated music rights the marathon will run for 433 total hours making this the longest marathon ever. While not every episode is gold the chance to rewatch some classic sketches like Dykes & Fats and Phil Hartman’s Bill Clinton at McDonald’s is too good to miss.
Source- TV By the Numbers

New Friday the 13th Game
In the “Oh snap I totally need a PS4” news Friday the 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham announced plans for a video game based on the franchise. While the developer nor the story (well what story a Jason game could have) haven’t been released it has been described as a multi-person survival game. The kind of predator/prey in other upcoming games like Evolve. This comes off news from last year of TV show and another reboot of of the film series. All I can say is that hopefully it’s better than LJN’s awful NES game.
Source- EGM

2 Chainz Debates Nancy Grace, Wins
When it comes to news talk shows there is nothing better than bringing on members of the hip hop community. Whether it’s a Wu Tang Reunion or Bill O’Reilly losing his cool when up against Cam’Ron and Dame Dash it is always pure gold. As great as those were though we may have a new best appearance when 2 Chainz appeared on Nancy Grace. Brought to discuss marijuana legalization he outdebated the former prosecutor on pretty much every level. While she had a clip of a father getting a child high 2 Chainz countered with basic logic saying that there were probably bigger problems with the guy than marijuana. While she stuck to the “Won’t somebody think of the children!” narrative 2 Chainz made solid arguments without getting emotionally invested or shouting. No matter where you stand on the issue there’s no doubt who won this debate. Not bad for the guy who used to be called Tity Boi.
Source- Noisey

ABCs of Death the Center of Obscenity Case
In the “People Are Stupid” category an Ohio substitute teacher was convicted of a felony for a high school class the horror movie The ABCs of Death. 58-year-old Sheila Kearns was convicted of four felony counts of disseminating harmful materials to juveniles. Kearns claimed that she didn’t know the content in the movie and only aired the movie because some of the segments were in Spanish. A pretty weak defense considering the movie is called The ABCs of Death. The school’s staff was alerted staff of the movie being shown when they were approached by student Kayleigh Edwards who was disturbed by the content.

Come on Sheila, at least show good Spanish language horror movies. The Rec series, We Are What We Are, or pretty much any Guillermo del Toro movie. Heck any Santo movie would work and they would also see some really bad fighting. At least then they wouldn’t have to watch F is for Fart.
Source- AV Club

Scorpion King 4 Is A Thing
This isn’t news per se I am just astounded that this is a thing. I mean a sequel to a C level movie and it stars Lou Ferrigno, Royce Gracie and Roy Nelson? This is insane on so many levels.
Source- Topless Robot


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