On Patrol- January 11, 2015

antman poster
Ant-Man Trailer Released
During the premiere of Agent Carter (excellent show BTW) Marvel premiered the trailer to Ant-Man to mixed reviews. To go against the grain I…. kind of agree. This past year we got some amazing previews for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2. On the flipside Ant-Man’s teaser was fairly basic. We got some redemption story, some comedy, a fight scene it was superhero movie 101. On the plus side we got to see some of the shrinking effects and it looked great. In fact I’d say that the movie looks pretty fun overall in a very meat and potatoes way. Do I think it’ll subvert expectations like Guardians or a grand epic like Avengers? I doubt it. But it looks solid fundamentally and in a world where Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Rise of the Silver Surfer exists it’ll be more than fine.
Source- io9

Star Wars Episode VII Gets Better
It came out this week that Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman have been cast for a mystery role in Star Wars VII. While no official role has been mentioned they have been contacted for “fight work.” Of course this is bland enough to be mean anything. Will they be coordinating fights? Will they be playing human characters? Could they be motion capturing fights? All we know is that principle photography is done and more than likely this trio of ass-kickers won’t be facing off with any of the leads. Shame because Moses from Attack the Block vs Rama would kick all kinds of ass.
Source- io9

Cabin Fever Remake is…. What?
I had heard about the remake of Cabin Fever awhile back and I thought “Eh, whatever.” While I know people who hated the movie I thought it was a fun splatter flick. With anything of note getting its own remake this seemed like a natural fit. Not like it made that much of an impression on me though. Again remakes are a dime a dozen. This week Bloody Disgusting gave us our first look at the movie and it was fairly bland. No the big news was that someone had the bright idea to have the remake follow the original script.


Why even bother remaking the movie if you’re bringing nothing new to it? The most they can do is recast and while far from perfect the originals had a unique chemistry that worked for me. At this point they’re actively making the movie worse. I guess the best I can hope is that Eli Roth will use this money to get Green Inferno released.
Source- Bloody Disgusting


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