On Patrol- December 28, 2014

Idris Elba As Bond? Not if Rush Limbaugh Has A Say
Of all the bad press Sony got from their e-mail leaks one bit of good news has come out of it, the possibility of Idris Elba as the next James Bond. According to e-mails to Columbia Pictures Sony’s co-chairwoman Amy Pascal threw his name into the mix. Gaining fame through HBO’s The Wire as Stringer Bell he has made a name for himself through the BBC series Luthor and roles in the Thor films, Pacific Rim and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. As far as I’m concerned he’s the perfect person to be James Bond.

Never one to be racially insensitive Rush Limbaugh took to his radio show to say that Elba shouldn’t be Bond due to being “African-British” as opposed to Scottish. He furthered his point by asking what the public reaction would be if Barrack Obama was played by George Clooney and Michelle Obama was Kate Hudson in a movie. Ignoring the fact that Limbaugh has no say in Hollywood (thank god) he’s off on several points. First and foremost Bond was only made Scottish because of Connery’s success in the role. Before then he was just a European dude who drank martinis and shot folks. Furthermore Connor was the only Scottish actor being played by since Roger Moore was British, Pierce Brosnan was Irish, Timothy Dalton was Welsh and George Lazenby was Australian. Clearly accuracy isn’t a big deal. More importantly James Bond is fictional while Obama is a real person (insert OMG ILLUUMINATI! joke here) where race was a major factor in his story.

To his credit Elba himself commented on the whole thing on Twitter saying “Isn’t 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! Happy New year people.”

Source- The Daily Mail, The Guardian

Justin Lin to Direct Star Trek 3
After losing JJ Abrhams to Star Wars and Roberto Orci to creative differences Justin Lin has been brought on to direct. Getting his big break with 2002’s Better Luck Tomorrow (a good crime-drama) he has made a name for himself bringing the Fast & Furious franchise back from the dead through testosterone-fueled insanity. Most recently he was attached to direct The Bourne Betrayal which is to star Jeremy Renner and a returning Matt Damon. As you may notice his forte seem to be action movies with a (ridiculous) reality based bent. Not to say he can’t pull this one off but it does make me wonder how he can handle space ships instead of muscle cars.
Source- Topless Robot

The Interview Gets Release, Quick Review
After a week of controversy Sony decided to release The Interview in select theaters and several video on demand platforms. After a strong Christmas Day opening due to ‘Murrica the box office settled down and looks to make $2.4 from theater screenings. While not the $40 million projected for the original release it is pretty respectable for a movie mostly in smaller, independent theaters. As of this writing there are no numbers for the movie’s digital business.

As for the movie itself, eh. James Franco and Seth Rogen are as charming as ever the real stars are Randall Park as Kim Jong-Un. Less benevolent dictator and more insecure child Park’s version of Kim Jong-Un manages to be vulnerable and relatable despite clearly being insane. His interactions with Franco’s Dave Skylark are the highlight of the film. The rest of the movie, not so much. Despite their chemistry being as good as ever Rogen and Franco’s script just isn’t up to snuff. Instead of the clever political satire it wants to be, and can be at times, it resorts to dick and fart jokes more often than not. Bits like Skylark and Aaron Rapaport (Rogen) doing ecstasy feel like left off bits from This Is The End. While it can be enjoyable and has some good laughs throughout it is definitely the worst of the Rogen/Goldberg films.

Rating- C-

Source- The Wrap


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