Top 3 Disappointing Movies of 2014


“Worst Of…” lists are easy. Hell they can be pretty fun at times. In all honesty I find just tearing into a bad movie to be immensely fun. The thing is they are predictable. Look at a couple and I can guarantee you’ll see at least one bad kids movie, a bad bioflick and one of the 32 Hercules movies that came out this year. What I like to look at is something a bit more heartbreaking, disappointing movies. The ones that had potential didn’t work. These are those movies.


3- Interstellar
Now I had to put off seeing this movie for quite awhile. From people visiting to other things getting in the way I just couldn’t find the time to see Interstellar. Eventually I found time to see it on Thanksgiving and I was digging it. We were getting a modern day 2001: A Space Odyssey from one of my favorite current directors Christopher Nolan. From the awe of space to the emotional bits (it even made the Mrs. tear up) it was pitch perfect. Unfortunately it fell off a cliff in the end. Essentially the cause of all this was McCoughnhey and the power of love. WHAT? After a movie basing everything around science (accuracy is debatable) and it turns into some junk about how friendship is magic? This really ruined a perfectly good climax for me. This is a good movie, it really is. That ending though, something about it left a bad taste in my mouth.

2- The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I will fully admit that my reviews are pretty lenient. I think it’s because I watch only things I am interested in but it results in some grades I don’t agree with later. The most egregious review has to be giving The Amazing Spider-man 2. Maybe it’s just the high of the amazingly awful soundtrack or my childlike wonder at movies but I was way off. Straight up it just wasn’t a good movie. The farther away I got away from the movie the more I found myself disliking it. Why didn’t Peter give Harry Osbourn his blood when despite not knowing it would backfire? Why did he intentionally put Gwen Stacy in danger despite having crazy delusions of Denis Leary following him? Why did Peter Parker’s dad put tokens in a calculator when that’s more shady than just carrying them around like a normal person? Why DID the dubsteb soundtrack start talking to Electro? I stand by my claim that Garfield and Stone’s chemistry great and was the best part of the movie. In a superhero movie though that shouldn’t be the best thing. Hell it shouldn’t be the third best thing. With all the money and a solid base it’s hard to screw up a superhero movie but Sony did it.

For the record I’m totally redacting my C- grade and giving it a D. I don’t think it got everything wrong by sweet Jesus did they screw up a lot. Sad I didn’t see it the first time around.

1- The Majority of Horror Movies
A cop taking on possessed people in a gritty mix of crime thriller and horror. A group trapped under the legendary French catacombs. A spinoff based on one of the cooler artifacts in one of 2013’s best horror movies. At face value these are all great ideas that could make great movies. Instead we got Deliver Us from Evil, As Above So Below, and Annabelle. Unfortunately these aren’t isolated incidents. Aside from Oculus and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones we were given bad horror movie after bad horror movie in theaters. Even the usually dependable independent horror scene disappointed a bit. While there were some highlights from the usual suspects (Adam Wingard and Ti West in particular) reliable series movies like V/H/S didn’t live up to past entries. To add salt to the wound Eli Roth’s return to directing The Green Inferno has been pushed back indefinitely due to financial issue with production company Worldview Entertainment. I’m sure I say this every year and no doubt there’s lots of good stuff coming out. But it felt like things were bad this year more than most.


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